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Imperial China Mar 28

Wed, 11/18/2009 - 14:32

Hi. Is anyone else planning on staying in the Shanghai area after the trip ends or go to the grand prix?


Thu, 02/11/2010 - 14:11

Hi I'm coming on the trip but not staying on in Shanghai after

Wed, 03/10/2010 - 11:48

Hi, I am on this trip.  Making my own way to Bejing, hope to get there the 27th, anyone else there early?  I am staying on for one extra day in Shanghai but did not know Grand Prix was on, hope that will not make it hard to find a room.

 Looking forward to trip. 


Wed, 03/10/2010 - 16:57

Anita, I booked a hostel online last week and didn't have any probs. I'm sure as long as you don't try and double book the same suite as Lewis Hamilton you'll be okay!! :-)

Wed, 03/17/2010 - 13:57

I'm just flying in and directly out for the trip. 

Mon, 03/22/2010 - 11:47

I hope sandstorms have passed on before our trip begins.  They seem to be v unpleasant. Safe travelling.


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