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Hi to our fellow travellers departing for Sri Lanka 13 Aug

Sun, 08/07/2011 - 13:08

Hi,The Franey Four are counting the number of "sleeps" left til we depart for Colombo this coming weekend.  We're coming from Manchester so looking foward to meeting you all in the hotel on the beach....though might be in the bar given weather forecast of torrential rain! 

Panic packing waterproofs...

Panic buying long muggy/mosquito repellent long pants... and shorts. Six months of bootcamp have had opposite effect...

Meanwhile Mr F and 11 yr old Bridie gone off in search of some latest travel gizmo ( probably via golf club)

Leaving me and Six yr old Lottie to pack...

Happy Hols,


Ann-Marie, Dominic Bridie and Lottie Franey 



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