Gorillas and Masai Mara - Who's going?

Hi. This is my first trip with Exodus - really excited about it! Anyone else out there booked on this one?  


Hi Di

Yep, me too, first safari aswell!  man loads of orgaizing to do!

 Just a heads up, don't mean to offend. I notice in your subject line that you have departure date as 9th Feb?!

My info says 8th, just want to make sure, don't want you to miss it   :(






Hi Kev

Sorry about that - a typo! I'll be there on the 8th!

See you then



Di and Kev,really looking forward to our trip and to meeting you.Brian.


Hi Brian. You and Kev may be interested to know that I have been in touch with Exodus about what currency to take as the trip notes say $ but the FAQ say £. They have recommended a mixture of both. Hopefully, if others log on, they will also pick this up.

Hi All - I'm booked on too. Was a bit worried about the date though - thought something had changed! Been on two trips with exodus before and they were brilliant so have high expectations of this one. First solo departure trip for me - look forward to meeting you all. Jenny


Hi All.  I am booked on too.  I walked the Inca Trail with Exodus last year and it was brilliant.  I confirmed with Exodus yesterday that I could use a credit card for the balloon ride over the Masai Mara as I had originally been told it was cash only.  Look forward to meeting you all too..  Lydia

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