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It would be good to say hi to the August 30th to 15th September 2013 group.

I am Annie from London, now counting down the weeks before the adventure starts.

It’s looking like a full truck load of us, give or take a couple. No spare lockers then!


Thank you again Anne.  Have a good weekend.


Thanks Annie

I tried booking in on line for the flight from Heathrow but couldn't get any further than the next day, will give it a try again tomorrow to see if I can get to the 30th if so will book straight away the KQ448 flight too.  I still have had no info from Exodus re:- the time change.

Looks like a very good mix of people, look forward to meeting you all.


Hi Coby

My notes say we have to wait until 30 hours before our flight to check in online. I think Exodus will do it for us now, if requested. 

Almost ready to pack, just a few things still to buy.

Off to Notting Hill Carnival today. I hope to get some good photos.

Wow just five sleeps left. 



Wow Annie you brought back some great memories for me I went to Notting Hill carnival some 40 years ago and had a great time I hope you will too today.
Do we have to bring our own mosquito nets or do Exodus provide us with these?

Hi Coby

Had a good day at carnival yesterday, nice weather and big crowds.

I don't intend to take a mosquito net, I have read, these are provided or part of the tent. Maybe worth checking with Exodus to confirm.

Four sleeps left.



I'm taking a head net, as once inside a sleeping bag that's the only bit of you left exposed. Nothing worse than a mozzie buzzing round your head to stop you sleeping - it's not the noise, it's the paranoia about getting bitten. Managed to put my walking boots on for the first time today, so fingers crossed - rather than toes, obviously...  See you all very very soon,  Liz

I have spoken to Exodus and have been told we do not need to bring mosquito net.

Two more nights and we all will be on our way for our exciting journey.  Have a nice trip getting to Nairobi.  I look forward to meeting up with whoever is travelling from Heathrow.

Take care,




Hi guys,

I am now packed and ready to leave in the morning, hopefully have everything! See you all tommorow,


Hi All

If we miss you at the baggage drop we will be in Pret A manger Airside 

Near The falcon Gold Gulf Air Lounge and Hugo Boss

around 6 pm



Thanks for coming back. Reading your comments puts my mind completely at rest. Can't wait until 6th only 5 more sleeps. Wow



You're very welcome Sandra. You have a fabulous trip ahead of you!

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