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Fitness Levels Needed For Everest Base Camp?

Wed, 02/03/2010 - 12:54

Hi, Im thinking of doing the everest base camp trip.  The thing is I have no experience of trekking.  Im somewhat "gym" fit but there seems to be a large difference between being fit enough to do something in the gym and in real life

 Has anyone been on this trek?  Exactly what levels of fitness are needed?  Any tips on what i can do in the gym to improve for the trek/altitude?

 Many thanks if you can help :)

Thu, 02/04/2010 - 10:11


Fitness and acclimatisation don't always go hand in hand. Anyone who is relatively healthy or "Gym Fit" should be able to complete the trek to Everest Base Camp - the whole trek is an acclimatisation exercise  in itself.

The best thing you could do, is to get out and about in the hills in the UK. There is no substitute for being "Mountain Fit". Depending on where in the UK you live, I would really recommend getting out in the nearest mountains - after all, Lord Hunt, Ed Hillary and all the other '53 Everesters did a lot of their training in Snowdonia on Snowdon and the other peaks !!!

 All the best


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