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Finnish Wilderness Week

Thu, 12/02/2010 - 19:37

My husband and I are soooo looking forward to this trip.  Hopefully we will see the Northern Lights, but it will be strange to experience such low temperatures and so little daylight.

 We took part in a semi participatory camping trip to the West of Canada in 2007 with Exodus, and really enjoyed the company.  We look forward to meeting everyone else on this trip.

 Marion and Chris


Hi there, I too am excited about this trip, I shall be going on a different date from you but I wonder if you have received any tips, as I am to depart this Sunday and am really not prepared!! I have a few warm things (!) but I've heard rumours of water-based moisturizer not being a good idea (freeze to your face) and I just wondered about contact lenses in that climate. Does anyone know what I should be taking, should not be taking for this climate??

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