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Everest Base Camp trek.

Thu, 12/16/2010 - 18:16

I've just booked my solo trip with Exodus. Couldn't decide between The Inca Trail and Base Camp. I think i made the right decision. Off on the 23rd September '11. It would be good to discuss plans with others, especially packing and clothing options. I've done hot weather treks before but this is the first trek where i have to combat the cold.


Fri, 12/31/2010 - 02:02

I'm booked on this too... it's my first solo travel and first big trek... talk about jumping in with both feet! I was looking at The Inca Trail too; am planning to do it 2012 instead.

So far I've not thought too much about what I'll need, apart from looking at the trip notes.

It will be good to discuss plans as 2011 progresses


Sat, 01/01/2011 - 21:51

Hello Kerry, Happy New Year.

I've been looking at this trip for so long now i thought i'd just go for it too. I know we have 9 months to prepare but i just can't help myself, i've already started shopping. My old boots are great for hot weather but aren't waterproof anymore so i'm currently breaking in a new pair. The main advice i'm getting is....layers, layers, layers.

I'm sure i'll be overthinking the planning for this trek for a long time yet........ but it's so exciting.


Sun, 01/02/2011 - 00:45

Happy New Year :-)

I'm sure 9 months will fly by! I'm getting new boots this week too, might as well make the most of the sales :-)

I've seen quite a few blogs with packing lists on them, which will definitely come in useful nearer the time. For now my focus is on improving my fitness - I want to do a marathon in 2012 so the training is for both really. And I plan to spend a lot of time in Snowdonia or the Peaks.

And I completely agree... it's very exciting! I think there will be MANY lists made between now and then... I already have a spreadsheet set up lol


Sun, 01/02/2011 - 19:08

Hello Kerry 

I've also been looking at Snowdonia to improve my fitness. I've never been. Apparently there are a few routes up Snowdon that pose different challenges. I might drive out there in a couple of weeks. Have you been before? If so can you point me to some good routes on or around Snowdon. I've just bought the Snowdonia OS explorer map, just need to put a few more miles on my boots first.

It's been a while since i had new boots, can't believe how stiff they are but i'm slowly breaking them in. A pair of 1000 mile socks helps the process.

Been out in the Peaks today. I'm from Sheffield so it's virtually on my doorstep. Went for a little wander around Edale. I got ambushed by about a hundred orienteerers, so entertaining. Never seen so much lycra in one place. Such a great day.


Wed, 01/05/2011 - 19:26

Hello Kerry

I had a look at that site, it looks pretty good. It covers a lot of areas. That scary route with the Crib Goch ridge may be interesting to do in the summer months. I do like testing my nerve. I think i'll start with the easiest for now, especially in these conditions. I might go for a long weekend, maybe try 2 different routes. I found a site that has 7 routes, I'm sure there are some really nice walks around there without actually climbing Snowdon but i can't go there without climbing the highest mountain. I think that would be just plain rude.

Good luck with the boot buying process, take your time. I went for Meindl boots with a memory foam inner, they were like gloves straight out of the box. I have hobbit feet, so hard to find boots. Still need to put another 50 miles on them before i'm completely comfortable with them though.

I'm off to the peaks again this weekend. Might do the Higger Tor and Carl walk hike. A bit of scrambling as i go. Always a nice walk that starts and ends at a pub.

Take care


Mon, 01/10/2011 - 01:38

Hi Stephen,

Rather you than me on Crib Goch - if I attempted it I'd need mountain rescue to prise me off the ground :-) I was thinking of some weekend treks too, probably when it gets a bit warmer though. And I'm a little distracted at the moment as I'm off to Berlin, Vienna and Krakow in early March, which should be fun but probably not the same sort of walking as we'll be doing in Nepal. And there'll be considerably more vodka consumed too!

I have bought some Salomon boots, they seem pretty comfortable and not too heavy, but I will see how I feel after breaking them in! Mind you, I used to do ballet so I'm used to excruciating pain and blisters! Hobbit feet eh, sounds lovely lol

Hope you had fun in the peaks, I did do some pub to pub walking too, but it was Saturday night and I was in 6" heels rather than my new boots!

Next week I'm dragging one of my friends out on Sunday for the day, so fingers crossed for the weather. I'm also starting bootcamp on Tuesday... 12 sessions over 4 weeks of running round a field and doing pressups in the mud. It's more fun than it sounds, and the intention is that it'll kick start my training... either that or it'll kill me!

Take care,


Thu, 01/13/2011 - 18:34

Hello Kerry

Had a great day around Higger Tor last weekend. I'm off to walk over Kinder Scout this Saturday and then dragging my brother on a long hike around 3 reservoirs (Ladybower, Derwent & Howden) on Sunday. My boots are nipping me a little, i need to stretch them out a touch. I hope your boots are working out. Have you been wearing them around the house. I did for nearly 2 weeks then i got bored and thought stuff it, lets just make them fit. They're still a little tight width wise. I'll get there eventually.

Vodka drinking tour of Europe eh? Sounds like fun.  I have a friend in Berlin, beautiful city. Shame you're busy in October, they have the 'Festival Of Light'. They light up the city's landmarks and streets with architectural lighting, it's a great sight, especially through vodka soaked eyes.

I'm hoping to get a weeks sun sometime before Nepal. My friend has a villa so it'll be free. I'm not good at sitting still but i'm going to try, if only for a week.

You're bootcamp sounds erm...........interesting! I beg to differ on the 'fun' aspect. I think i'll stick to walking and swimming to get fitter.


Sun, 01/23/2011 - 20:04

Hi Stephen,

How are you? Did my first proper hike in boots today, an 8-miler round Cannock Chase - it was good, boots felt great, bit tight round one ankle but wiggle room for toes and no blisters. Got to love these 1,000 mile socks :-) How many miles do you reckon until a pair of boots are sufficiently 'broken'?

Bootcamp is going well, 6 sessions down, 6 to go (in this phase anyway). I'm much fitter than I thought I was! Which bodes well!

I have a hankering to learn to snowboard - I blame Ski Sunday for rekindling my interest. I have lots of friends who have been 'boarding for years, and I quite fancy it. Trouble is, my year is filling up rapidly! Hmmm, will see if I can squeeze it in?

Free sunny holiday sounds great... very jealous! I am supremely talented at just sitting... a good book, glass of wine and I'm happy :-) Talking of books... I have just finished Bear Grylls' Everest book - I highly recommend it. I'm now reading Sir Ranulph Fiennes' autobiography - there's a theme to my reading, can you tell lol?

Better go, need to do some more stretching - methinks I'm going to ache tomorrow.


Tue, 02/01/2011 - 18:16

Glad to hear the boots are working out for you. I'm sure that the breaking in period for boots is different for everyone. My left boot is perfect, my right is nipping me a little...still. I've been told my boots need a good 50 miles as they're fairly stiff. My left boot only took about 10 miles. I'll just hop on my right foot for the other 40. So you've discovered 1000 mile socks too? Love those socks (as much as a person can love socks that is). I saw the blister free guarantee and thought 'Really....magic socks', 'I don't believe it'. I've also just recently discovered 'magic' underwear but i'll go into that another time. 

I had a little accident at the weekend. Got my foot wedged between 2 rocks climbing down a small, steep hill, twisted my knee and pulled my groin. Going to rest for a couple of weeks, maybe just some gentle lane swimming and stretching to strengthen things up again.

I'll have a look at that Bear Grylls book. My reading's been going down the same route. I've just read 'Into Thin Air' by Jon Krakauer......frightening account. I know we're not going to the extremes of climbing Everest but the stories about it seem so compelling to read.

Take care Kerry


Fri, 02/04/2011 - 21:43


I think i've broken in my right boot at last. In fact, i think i've been lacing it too tight. I couldn't sit still and rest. I went for a short walk today, just a few miles, nothing too strenuous. I've finally mastered how to lace my boots. They're strange boots. You have to wear them for about 15 minutes to allow the memory foam to mould to your feet. Then you have to re-tie them and secure them properly. Such a reassuring feeling when you're 100% comfortable with your boots.

Just needed to share the good news with someone that's not sick of me talking about my adventure.


Sun, 02/06/2011 - 12:54


 Yep I'm now a sock lover too... am laughing at the thought of magic pants! Have done a couple more 8-milers now; the left boot is so comfortable, the right one is still nipping my ankle a bit, but nothing too bad. Yay to your 'broken' boots - they sound very comfy!

I'm an injured lady too... or should I say, all my old injuries (I used to dance) are coming back to haunt me. I have knackered knees and hips and back and neck... went to the Physio yesterday at Lilleshall (the national sports centre) - she diagnosed me as 'a knacker' (her exact words lol). I'm pretty much biomechanically all wonky, due to compensating for injuries time and time again. So I have been given loads of exercises to do to realign me, and in the meantime just got to battle on through the pain. She did reckon I should give the hills a rest for a bit, so no hike this weekend. She also reckoned I'd be in pain for at least a couple of months - good job I'm a tough cookie :-) But I'm fixable, and will be fighting fit by the time we go. Had a fab massage on my back though - very painful but good pain!

Hope you're healing well... I'm not a patient patient, the second bootcamp starts on Tuesday... loving it :-)

I want to read 'Into Thin Air' too, but my friend (who's a climber) has lent me 'Mountains of the mind' by Robert Macfarlane so will read that next.

Better go, need to hit the shops... there's a sale on at Go Outdoors... am hankering after a down jacket and some sexy snowboarding trousers... must not get carried away!

 Take care,


Wed, 02/09/2011 - 21:22

Hi Stephen and Kerry,

I've been wanting to do this trip for some while now and have finally signed up, so just dropping in to say hello.  


Thu, 02/10/2011 - 12:22

Hi Guy,

Welcome :-) As you can see from the posts above we are more than a little excited about the trip! In fact I think I'm boring everyone I know, so this is a great place to come and offload the (bordering on obsessive) excitement lol



Sat, 02/12/2011 - 17:43

Ha ha, yes I can see that.  Have you guys done much mountain trekking in the past?

Sun, 02/13/2011 - 19:23

Hello Guy

As Kerry's pointed out, this seems like our only sanctuary to come and talk about the trip without alienating everyone around us. Glad to see we're not the only two on the plane. Not that that wouldn't be fun Kerry but the more the merrier!

As far as mountain trekking goes....i'm a complete novice. I have seen a fair few mountains from afar, that's the closest i've been, but the desire to climb them has always interested me. I hike in the Peaks every opportunity that i get. Planning to go to Snowdon as i'm sure you've read. I've been to the States a couple of times and done some very long hikes through Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. It's baking hot out there, reaching 110 degrees. I'm not even sure if they're classed as treks (they seemed very tough and arduous to me). Nothing at altitudes over 3000m. I've no experience of cold conditions other than what the Peaks throws out. I'm so looking forward to the adventure.

Fitness is the major concern for me..i think. I'm swimming twice a week, mountain biking and hiking at the weekend and Kerry's running around fields, doing press-ups in mud and much more i'm sure, lol.



Sun, 02/13/2011 - 20:03

Hi Stephen,

I did Kilimajaro last year after never done any mountain trekking before and got by on a reasonable level of fitness.  Saying that I was affected by mountain sickness, so hoping that the longer, slower ascent on this trip will reduce this.  I'm in training for a half iron man triathlon for early September, so hope that'll put me in good stead for this trip!

 I have most the kit now from that Kili trip and found that layering works very well.  Marino wool base layers are great and the icebreaker ones you can wear for a month without them smelling.  18 days of trekking should put that tho the test! :o)

Thu, 02/17/2011 - 22:45

Hi Guy (and Stephen),

Im a complete trekking novice, so the whole thing is going to be a journey into the unknown... but I'm really looking forward to it! I've done Snowdon in the past, but not the scary route! I plan to spend some time there before our trip, if it was good enough for Hillary et al then it's good enough for me :-)

Like Stephen said, I'm concentrating on fitness... I do bootcamp three times a week and weekly hikes, but am battling some niggles from a previous life. So got to lay off the hills for a month or so, but my physio is sorting me out :-) Your triathlon sounds good, you'll be in peak condition for Everest then!

I can't wait to start shopping (there's a shock lol)... and have scheduled in some practice not washing at various music festivals in the summer :-D

I wonder how many more will be on the trip?

Take care both,


Fri, 02/18/2011 - 22:15

Hello folks.

Had a great week. Done lots of swimming and i'm off to climb Kinder Scout again tomorrow or Sunday. My last hike up Kinder was a bit gruelling as i twisted my knee and i had to cut it a little short....missing some good parts of the hike. My knee's been good all week at work so i think it's ready for a good test. Still planning a Snowdon adventure. I've found a nice camp site near the start of the Miners Track route. Might head that way, the weekend after next. Do a bit of camping and test out my new sleeping bag. I've gone a little extreme with the bag but i really do like to be snug and warm. Better to be too warm...i think.

I really need to stay away from Go Outdoors for a while. The damned place is costing me a fortune. I've got my 'Magic Pants' and 'Magic Socks' what more do i need.


Wed, 02/23/2011 - 19:08

I'm a little concerned about altitude sickness. I know it can hit anyone and fitness is not a relative issue. Have you looked into any preventative treatments like Diamox? I'd just like to enjoy myself as much as possible and will be so upset if i struggle due to altitude rather than fitness. Guy, did you hear about anything while on your Kili climb? Whether it be medicinal or physical. I understand the Sherpas swear by garlic soup while climbing. I do love garlic!


Sun, 02/27/2011 - 19:32


I don't think i'll bother taking anything to combat altitude sickness. I'll see how my body adjusts to the altitude. Hopefully, as you said, the pace of the ascent will give us plenty of time to acclimatise. I'd hate to think the only way i can manage it is to keep swallowing pills (i've never been one for taking pills). I've never in all my life even had a genuine headache, other than a hangover headache of course. I'll stick with the garlic soup i think. You may just have to keep your distance from me.


Wed, 03/09/2011 - 19:38

Hello folks

Hope you had a good trip Kerry (if you're back that is). Glad to hear you're feeling better and soon to be back out on the hills. I never made it to Snowdon last week but i did manage one night camping out in the peaks. My sleeping bag was lovely and toasty. Going out for another night this weekend. Great hikes, great pub across the road from the campsite too.

I don't think i need much more equipment now. Maybe just a couple more baselayers and possibly another micro-fleece. Have you guys thought what you're doing about water purification/filtering yet? I've seen a little Katadyn filter that's got great reviews. Either that or Chorine dioxide tablets (or maybe both to be sure). I'm used to swimming so i'm sure the chlorine taste won't bother me too much.

Guy, what sort of training would you recommend for this type of trekking. I walk and swim a lot at the moment with the occasional long cross country bike ride. I can't really run as my knees don't like the impact. I'm a member at Ponds Forge in Sheffield which has a great olympic swimming pool and a huge gym that i'm yet to venture into. I like the scenery to change while i'm training. I used to go to the gym a lot when i was younger but soon discovered the great outdoors. I'd imagine stepping machines will do a pretty good job and aren't too stressful on my knees. Anything else you could recommend would be appreciated. I know there are some new fangled gadgets in the gym that i've never seen before.

Hope your trainings going well.


Sun, 04/03/2011 - 17:12

Hi Guys, how are you doing?

Kerry , the triathlon training's coming along OKish thanks.  I did a 40 mile bike ride yesterday and will soon be able to get out of the pool into the lake (once the water warms up!).  Have you purchased your poles and sleeping bag yet?  I got some Leki poles and they were awsome for Kili and could highly recommend them if you're still looking.  As for a sleeping bag, I'm going to try to hire them from Exodus.  Mostly as this will save weight and  space when packing for the flight out.

Stephen, I didn't do any specific training for my Kili trek.  What I did do mostly focussed around my general gym training and running, etc.   I think what would be best for you is to speak to one of the personal trainers in your gym and ask them to build a program for you.  You will need decent cardio, but also leg strength as well as 5 - 8 hour walks can be tiring - especially at altitude.  Also may some focus on your back and core stability as you'll also be carrying a day pack as well.

 Hope you're both well


Mon, 04/18/2011 - 09:55

Hi Guys,

I've been wanting to do this trip for some while now and have finally signed up, so just dropping in to say hello.

Been reading through all of your comments and it sounds like you are all on top of things - may have to pick some tips up off you all.


Fri, 04/22/2011 - 17:20

Hi Nikki and welcome!

Thu, 05/05/2011 - 20:17

Hello Nikki

Glad to see another that's finally taken the plunge. I'd love to be able to give you some tips but i'm sort of flying by the seat of my pants at the moment. Haven't got a clue. Just trying to get fitter and slowly falling to pieces as i do. I think i may be trying to push myself a little too much too fast. I'm back in the pool after a long groin strain recovery and trying to take it a little easier. Been for a nice camping weekend near Whitby over the bank holidays. Did a fairly strenuous 8 mile walk to the pub and caught the bus back. groin felt great, haha!

Guy, i've been walking with a Leki Jasper pole for some time now, it's really good, really helps my balance too over rough terrain. I only use one though, i like to keep my other hand free for general fidgeting. One still helps with rhythm and balance, i'll definitely be taking it with me.

Does anyone know when the kit bags are sent out? I suppose it's when the balance is paid. I keep buying stuff and i'm sure it all won't fit in the bag. Hmmm.....we'll see!

Wed, 05/18/2011 - 20:23

Hi guys.

I just stumbeld across this thread whilst posting in the Vietnam thread. Obviousy I am therefore not going to EBC in September but I did go there last month (April 2011). Not with exodus, but I kept bumping into the Exodus group, we followed more or less the same route.

So why am I posting here? I had the most amazing time on the EBC trip and had no trekking experience before I went, so I know the kinds of questions you will have. If there is anything you want to know them please feel free to ask me and I will give an honest answer.

Cheers, Nigel

Wed, 05/18/2011 - 22:37

Hello everyone! I finally just took the plunge and nabbed the last spot on this trip. Very excited although fear I've some way to go to catch up with all of your preparations! Shall scour the above for hidden tips but in a desperate late rush to buy & break in some new boots the sharing of findings & recommendations as to best/ most suitable type very much welcome! Megan

Wed, 05/18/2011 - 22:53

Hi Megan, The trails are very stony / rocky so you need a good solid sole with not much flex, and I would suggest quite high up the ankle. Make sure when you try them on you walk downhill, most shops have a slope in store, your toes must not bang the end of the boot. Also get some really good socks - I used Mund K2 Extreme cold weather technical socks and they were brilliant - not one single blister.

Thu, 05/19/2011 - 07:03

Hello Nigel, Megan.

It's very kind of you to put yourself forward for tips and a little hindsight, Nigel. I really appreciate it. One question, just for now. What's the best thing to do about drinking water? Did you buy boiled, untreated and treat it yourself or did you go for the safer but less green option of bottled water.

Megan, welcome. It might seem desperate to get some boots but don't rush the process. Plenty of time to break them in. I think boots break in so much easier now as there are so many different shapes and sizes to try. My boots broke in within about 20-30 miles. Nigel's tips were pretty much the same as i was told a while ago when i went shopping for boots. Pretty sound advice. I also went for 1000 mile socks. Haven't had a single blister while breaking my boots in.

Fri, 05/20/2011 - 12:43

Stephen, the company I trekked with gave us boiled water each night, and offered it to us again in the morning. It tastes funny at first but you soon get used to it. I would recommend you take two x 1 litre bottles with you and go for boiled. There is one additional benefit to this, and that is they double as hot water bottles. Get your bottles filled with hot water at dinner time and stick them in your sleeping bag. You will be really grateful for them, and they stay warm for hours. Next morning you have your dringking water. Are you taking a camelbak as well? I recommend that you do. I carried 3 litres most days, and was drinking about 2 - 2.5 during the day.

Sun, 05/22/2011 - 09:51

I will be taking my 2 litre camelbak. I also have a 1 litre bottle. I'll pick up another before i go. I've been camping out in the Peaks this weekend and tried purifying a litre of stream water with chlorine dioxide. Worked a treat. Went for a nice long 7 hour hike yesterday. Still working on breaking in one boot, just nipping me a little in the width. Off to Snowdon next weekend to work on it a little more.


Thu, 06/02/2011 - 13:04

Hi, Im Chris, I am also on this trip. I have been with Exodus before. I did the Inca Trek. I have not had time yet to read all of the comments but thought I would just say hello.


Thu, 06/02/2011 - 19:03

Hello Chris, welcome. I'm hoping this thread will become invaluable as we get closer to the date. I'm finding it helpful and so reassuring up to now. Having had no trekking experience, like some others on here. I think it's good to get acquainted and share tips on training, packing, equipment, expectations and even fears. I hope this thread will reassure everyone else too. A place we can ask each other questions and get prepared for the trip of a lifetime. I want to be prepared enough that i can enjoy every second and not have any worrying issues at all. We'll see....!

Mon, 06/13/2011 - 13:36

Hey guys - been reading your threads & thought I should say hello.  Glad to see I'm not the only one totally obsessed with kit lists and training!

I'm not going on the EBC trek until November, but am about to start some trekking 'practice'.  Stephen - you say you go out from Sheffield?  I'm also in the Steel City.  From the above, do you recommend Kinder Scout and similar as good practice?  I haven't ventured up any of the actual peaks in the Peak District, and am likely to get thoroughly lost if I'm not following others.

I'm going to tackle Snowdon this weekend - read somewhere if you can do the Pyg Track or Miners' Track in under 1 hour 45 mins, you're about on target fitness wise.  That said, Stephen Kerry and Guy - you sound like you're all doing just fine from that aspect!


Mon, 06/13/2011 - 18:51

Hi all.Not going on this trip but did do it October 2 years ago.Absolutely fantastic trip and such a magical place.The trek itself wasn't too strenuous so as long as you have a reasonable amount of fitness you should be ok.Picked up a bug myself on the day before we went to Base Camp so did struggle a bit then.If there's anything I can help you with just ask but you are certainly going on the trip of a lifetime.

Tue, 06/14/2011 - 07:08

Hello Pamela, i love walking up Kinder. It's difficult to compare peaks in the Peak District to other places. None of them are particularly strenuous but it's a beautiful place to hike. Try the Jacobs Ladder route, (follow the Pennine Way out of Edale) you won't get lost. I'm out there nearly every weekend. If you fancy a walking partner someday, let me know. I've become quite the aimless wanderer of the Peak District. Navigational skills are improving as i haven't got lost.....yet. 

Thu, 06/16/2011 - 23:00

Hi Stephen - sounds like I should get out into the Peaks.  Might take you up on offer, and just follow, as I can get lost anywhere.  Will see how I get on with Snowdon this w'end, as not really broken in the new boots, apart from walking to work (over massive hill) in them - looking pretty stupid as everyone else is in sandals...

Kerry - how do you find the boot camp stuff?  There's someone running one near me and I'm very tempted, as my gym's about to close for three months.  How tough is it?

Mon, 06/20/2011 - 23:04

Summited under time - phew!  Had to barge a few school parties out the way, and it was the busiest weekend for Three Peaks and other challenges, being as it was the Saturday closest to longest day, but there we are.  Everyone was polite and kind, and no one needed elbowing over the edge to allow me past :)

 Train took me past Edale and Kinder Scout, which looks easy after Snowdon, and I'm well up for racing up peaks - no probs from boots, which I hadn't really 'broken in' (Meindle Softline Ultra GTX - how much?!?) so bring it on LOL

 Stephen - if you want to do Peaks I'm less worried about slowing you down. 

 All best to everyone training and shopping - good luck :)


Tue, 06/21/2011 - 18:09

Hi guys!

I will be joining you on this trip from Ireland (although originally I am from France!). Can't wait... Have been in full time training mode for the past 2 months - lots of trekking and gym! Just back from a shopping trip to France where I got most of my walking gear - just need to get the sleeping bag.

Do you have any idea what the temperature will be like during the day? I am getting mixed reports - I know it will def be chilly at night.


Tue, 06/21/2011 - 18:09

Hi guys!

I will be joining you on this trip from Ireland (although originally I am from France!). Can't wait... Have been in full time training mode for the past 2 months - lots of trekking and gym! Just back from a shopping trip to France where I got most of my walking gear - just need to get the sleeping bag.

Do you have any idea what the temperature will be like during the day? I am getting mixed reports - I know it will def be chilly at night.


Tue, 06/21/2011 - 19:13

We went during October and daytime temperatures were warm and bright.Trekked comfortably in short sleeves and put on fleece when resting.Generally you have finished walking before 4pm anyway which is when the temperature begins to drop.

Wed, 06/22/2011 - 09:00

Thanks for info. Do you have any tips re. "must have" or little things we should bring to make the trip easier/more enjoyable (apart from the obvious of course)? 

Wed, 06/22/2011 - 14:29

Hi all,

I go AWOL for a while and our little band of Trekkers has grown loads... if I've got this right we have Stephen, Guy, Nikki, Megan, Chris and Natacha heading out on 23 Sept.... 3 months tomorrow!

I've been clocking up some air miles in my absence, ticking off countries on my to visit list. But haven't forgotten about the big trip!

Bootcamp has been great, I think my fitness is where it should be, which is good. Did the mud run at Eastnor castle, massive fun, and my first 10k... I found it quite easy, which bodes well. Doing Total Warrior before we go too... That may well kill me though! How is everyone's training going?

I haven't done a massive amount of hiking, but now I have a lull in my travel plans I plan to rectify that. Snowdon is planned a couple of times, and I think the peaks too... maybe we could sort out a pre-everest day out?

I think I need to get the trip notes out, and see what's left on my shopping list. I had a massive garage clear out, and flogged loads of stuff on eBay... So have some spare pennies burning a hole in my pocket.... And I really don't need any more shoes :-)

Is everyone taking walking poles? My physio reckons I should, so if anyone has any recommendations that'd be great. And if anyone has thought about their packing list that'd be interesting too. Got to work out if my rucksack is big enough, or if I need a new one.

Think I'm going to go read the trip notes now, I have a rare quiet day... had a stinker of a migraine last night and this morning, so rather than a day full of meetings I'm chilling in my pjs. I am a little worried that the altitude will trigger my migraines. Oh well, will just have to stock up on the cocodamol!

Sorry for waffling on, over the last few months I've been distracted by other trips, but now I can't believe it's so close!

Just before I go, is anyone else going to try and raise money on the trek? I wasn't but then my friend suffered a stillbirth at 41 weeks so I am going to raise sponsorship for SANDS. I am going to do a just giving page, so when I do if anyone wants to help then that'd be great.

Kerry x

Wed, 06/22/2011 - 15:21

I would definately recommend taking walking poles it helped on the Inca Trek. I am up for trying to raise some money for charity and SANDS is a good choice, so I am up for that. I am just organizing doing the 3 peaks challenge a few wks before the Everest Trip so that will be my little pre-training regime. What is Total warrior?

Wed, 06/22/2011 - 22:41

...that Total Warrior is off the scale!  However, looks like you're well beyond the fitness levels required and you will be heading up the group!  Good going, girl.

I read on another blog that Snowdon in under 1hr 45mins up the Pyg Track is good guide to your fitness for the trip - no doubt you'll nail it.  Deffo buy poles - ignore the £25 ones and get some Lekis, looking at around £40 (each, so about £80 the pair but soooo worth it).  I've got Speedlock Makalu ones, as I have a dodgy wrist, and they're titanium so nice and light - but the choice is yours.  My friend would not have made it back down Snowdon without borrowing them, the old bugger!

Dafydd - you're not rambling (!) - it's all useful info for everyone.  I'm making notes from feedback such as yours - others' experience is priceless, huh?

I'm looking at some long distance walks.  LWDA (Google it) list long (over 10 miles) walks for the whole country, and I've been advised to do that sort of thing to test stamina levels...

 Good luck to everyone with their training and shopping x


Thu, 06/23/2011 - 12:47

Total Warrior looks very cool. I had heard of 'Touch Guy' but not this one. I cannot do it this year :-( as I have already made other arrangements. However, I am definately up for doing it in 2012. Good luck for the event this year anyway.

Thu, 06/23/2011 - 17:31

Just popped by and pleased to see that the group is getting bigger - so hello everyone!

Kerry - I used poles on Kili last year andwould highly recommend using them (especially on the downhill stages as they ease the pressure on your knees). I've got some Leki ones and they're great.

My training is going well (touch wood) and revolving around my triathlon preparation.  If 2 mile swims, 80 mile bike rides and loads of running don't get me fit for this then nothing will!!  Speaking of which I have to go for a run in the rain now.

 Hope you're all well and catch up again soon



Fri, 06/24/2011 - 16:10

I would also highly recommend poles and a camelbak bladder, plus two 1 one litre bottles. I never used my down jacket, it is warm during the day when you are walking.

I would recommend a head torch for when you need the loo during the middle of the night, there is no electiricty in most lodges after bed time. Also take a pack or playing cards or something to amuse yourself with in the evenings.

You might want to consider a micro towel, some lodges offer hot showers for about 3 quid, well worth it.

Finally I strongly recommend a couple of buffs. It got very windy some days and is very dusty so covering your mouth, nose and ears is essential. You can buy them in Namche for two quid each, no need to buy the expensive ones.

Mon, 06/27/2011 - 12:55

Yes, 3 months to go, can't wait....

Thanks for all the tips Eric, this will definitely help with the packing - and I must admit hearing about the hot showers is the best news of the day!!!! 

Went for a 10 hour trek yesterday, feeling a bit tight today... but great feeling all the same!

Happy training everyone,


Tue, 06/28/2011 - 12:40

This is probably more a question for Chris or Eric - what are you recommending re. money? how much do we need? is it best to bring cash and change it at the hotel or withdraw directly from pass machines in Kathmandu?

Also re. visa,  did you buy yours on arrival at the airport or got it beforehand?

Thanks for help!



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