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everest base camp and gokyo lakes

hello to everyone who is on the base camp gokyo trip...would love to hear from my fellow getting really rather excited by the whole trip...



Hi Ben,

I'm a party of 2 on the EBY/Gokyo trip that leaves the UK 9th November and arrives in Kathmandu on the 10th, so I think this is the same trip...

 I've already been through the excited stage, into the panic attack stage about how & what to pack, and am coming back out the other side into excited again. I've already started to lay all my stuff out in the spare room so I can regularly review what else I need to splash the cash on. I think I'm pretty much there, but it's hard to tell when I'm packing for that length of time!

 I'm not a hard core walker, but I did the Inca Trail a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it. That was only 4-days though, with a max altitude of 4200 metres, so this trip will certainly be something new.

 I'm actually not too nervous about the walking, and I'm trying to stay fit to at least lessen the pain at the end of each day. My main worries are the cold, the toilets (I'm sure (hope) they are not so bad when you actually get there!), and the showers (I've got mixed messages here from trip advisor etc. Some say there are showers and you will definitely want to use them, and others say that they are so grim, and it's so cold, you are unlikely to bother. That length of time with just a pack of wet wipes I can cope with. I'm not sure those standing close to me will agree..!).



Hi Phil

I am Pasang Sherpa one of the Tour leader for Exodus here in Nepal. I have lead many TNE trip and infact in October i am leading TNE. Well the walking is going to be harder at some point specially the main day of the pass and getting to Everes base camp as these two places are higher and it's a long walk on both of these day. Talking about the toilets and showers, they are all good in most of the lodges and your leader will let you know where is the best one. All the lodges these days have wester toilets and they are all good except the one at Dzongla which is terrible, and its outside the lodge but Exodus has its own toilet tent so you can use that instead. Shower are hot but some times you might get cold water as most of them are all running through solar so it depends on the weather but you can still as for a hot bucket water and for all showers you have to pay.



Hi Pasang,

Many thanks for the information - it's always good to learn a little more. It's even nicer to know that Exodus have found a away to avoid the worst toilets in Dzongla!



Hi Rich,

I'd heard that merino wool was particularly good too as it has a great warmth to weight ratio, and doesn't smell after quite a few wears. I bought a long sleeved merino t-shirt in a sale (stupid expensive otherwise...) and tested that theory by wearing it of an evening and for running etc. 6-weeks later it was still fresh as daisy! (it has been washed since for the comfort of my fellow walkers). I've since bought the long-johns to go with it, for evenings/PJ's.

My kit bag turned up in the post from Exodus last week, so this weekend I hope to have a quick pack and weight check to see how much stuff I've got to leave behind - not too much I hope.

 Not long to go now!




Hi Phil, Ben, Pasang and Rich

Looking forward to the trip, only two weeks to go now. Are any of you all taking gaiters or those snow grippers? Pasang perhaps you can advise. I didn't need them on the Annapurna Circuit max 5400 (an October trip and there was snow), but it is later in year and we stay at higher altitude for longer.

I just used Helly Hansen base layers last time but will definitely take some merino this time. It is the nights above 4,000m that are cold but you can always keep your down jacket on in evening. Having a good sleeping bag is important.  

Meet you all soon. 



Hi everyone, thanks Phil - yes, seems the merino wool base layers don't smell at all really! For anyone intersted Cotswolds are doing a set of Helly Hansen 'Warm' top and bottoms for £60, reduced from £90.

Anne - I haven't any snow grippers or gaiters. Thinking gaitors might be an idea if there is slushy snow up high but I'm assuming it's more likely to be hard crunchy snow. As this is part of a longer trip, I'm sending a lot of my cold weather gear home so I will probably jsut do without. It would be good to get your opinion Pasang.

Looking forward to it! 



Hi Anne,

We are taking gaiters just in case, although most of the packing lists I've founds suggest they are optional rather than necessary. I don't have snow grippers, although if it turns out everyone else has, I might consider getting some YakTrax or similar in Kathmandu.

 Having said that, I think I've pretty much filled up my weight allowance with warm stuff so I'd end up carrying them myself. The alternative is leaving some of my warm stuff behind, and being someone who gets cold easily, that's maybe not the best idea. I probably have far too much stuff, but once I'm cold, I'm miserable as sin, so I'd rather not take the chance!




Hi All,

 I'd heard in the news that Lukla was experiencing problems with bad weather, and no flights had gone in our out for 6 days or so (google Himalayan News for more info).

I emailed Joanna at Exodus, and she came back to me and confirmed that there is no longer a problem and the backlog of people stuck in Kathmandu & Lukla has been cleared. Good news! (not least for the people sleeping in tents on Lukla runway for the last week).

See you all in a day or two!


Anyone going on the April 18th 2012 departure from London? Would love to hear from you.

If you set your mind to it you can achieve anything

Hi Pasang, just read you are our leader for the april 19th 2012 everest base camp and gokyo lake departure. Can you tell me how many of us in our group? Really looking forward to this trip, not long to go now. Just have to try and think how I can get my kit bag down from 13 kg to 12kg as everything is needed !!

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