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Essential Peru

Wed, 02/09/2011 - 15:41

Hi, I am booked on this travelling from Manchester. 

Anyone else going ?

Tue, 02/15/2011 - 16:52


Yep, my wife Sue, and I are looking forward to this one, flying from Heathrow though 

Tue, 02/15/2011 - 18:55

Hi Gary,

What I have heard from others it is fabulous.  This will be my first time in South America.    I look forward to meeting you.




Thu, 03/10/2011 - 16:13

Just to let you know I'm also on this trip - along with my mum (Beryl). Although I live in the midlands (of England) she lives on a scottish island so I'm meeting her in Glasgow and we are flying from there - so probably won't meet up with the rest of you before Lima. Note my Mum will probably be the oldest person on the trip - in her late 70s - but don't worry about her slowing us down: she did Ecuador and the Galapagos about four years ago with a rival travel company and had a great time (she went on that one on her own) and she frequently takes herself off to sunnier climes when the winter weather gets her down. See you all soon. Nina

Fri, 03/25/2011 - 20:17

We will look forward to meeting you all in Lima. You may have to ask your Mum to slow down for me to catch up!! I'll be the one weighted down with camera gear. 


Wed, 04/06/2011 - 15:35

Hi Nina,

I am flying from Manchester via Amsterdam , I will see you in Lima


Sun, 04/10/2011 - 16:04

Time to start packing/unpacking, checking/unchecking lists of stuff to take. Need everything and cannot afford to try and carry half of it!!

Oh joy, but exciting times ahead. 

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