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cycling nicuragua costa rica and panama


 We are booked onto the above trip, have done 3 exodus hols before, but not a cycling one.

Hopefully the rest of the group will not be cycling professionals !

Look forward to hearing from others on the trip.

 Bernard and Heidi


Hello Bernard and Heidi
I have just booked on this trip and really looking forward to my holiday. I have been on a few cycling holidays. Where do you live?

Hi Hazel
we live in Gloucester and will likely travel up to Heathrow the night before the flight.
Where have you been cycling before, were the trips with exodus?


I live in Manchester (but from Scotland originally). I went to Vietnam with Exodus last April and have also been to Kerala, India with Explore + did my own thing in August with husband and one of my boys to Northern Spain where we cycled between Bilbao and San Sebastian. Very hilly and too many cement mixers behind us going uphill. Some nice scenery but hard work looking after your own bike and security and paying hotel bills etc. Much better when you have stress free time with people looking after you. I don't know my flight timings yet but will probably travel overnight to London on 11th Feb as working until 4pm that day. Don't worry if not superfit cyclists as I just take at my own pace and have managed them all so far. Hope more people join the group so we can swap information.

We went to Vietnam with Exodus, the trip included a couple of days cycling around the Mekong Delta and around Hoi An. We have also been to Peru and Sri Lanka with Exodus - these trips were mainly by bus.
All 3 Exodus trips have been very good - so looking forward to this one.
Our flight is with Continental at 09:20 from Heathrow to Houston and then Houston to Nicaragua. I think we get to Nicaragua at about 21:30.


Hello Bernard, Heidi and Hazel!!

I have booked this trip also, I am coming along with 2 others whom I met in Vietnam last March, also an exodus holiday! We completed the cycling trip out there which, was fantastic!!
There doesn't appear to be half as much cycling on this one (yipee you may say!)
I (Andy) live in Liverpool, originally from London.
Dave, lives near luton, originally from Wirral
Paul, from Lytham St Annes (one of the few that is from where he lives!)
If this trip is half as good as Vietnam, then I will be extremely happy!
Bernard, it looks as though we will be on your flight.
Lets get crimbo out of the way, then the count down can really start!



Hello Nino
I think you had tried to join our forum for the departure to Vietnam in April and then realised it was not your trip. Did you then post details on arrivals about buying a seriously expensive suit in Hoi Ann and the special hotel with the pool looking out onto the sea? We also had a good crowd on the Vietnam trip and was trying to persuade them to come on this one but it was full by the end of September. As you say get Xmas out of the way and we can get enthused and exchange info before we travel. Might even be able to share transport to Heathrow. Let's hope not snowed in like previous January.


Hello Bernard/Heidi/Nino

Unable to determine malaria zones looking at  the map of central America. What advice have you had? 

Never had mosquito sting in my life but don't want to tempt fate! Sometimes ok to buy local stuff when we get there.

comments please.



Hello Hazel/Bernard/Heidi/Nino

This is my first Exodus adventure but we grandads have to keep pedalling!

I used to live in Panama a million years ago and visited the other countries = and never had a malaria worry.

Hi all. I'm going on this trip with my husband Simon for my 50th birthday. Looks like we're going to be a big group - and weird that so many of us have also been to Vietnam - we went last Christmas. We're flying BA via Miami so hoping they don't strike on Feb 12th! See you there.


I am a Pharmacist and noticed your enquiries re Malaria, and as travel medicine is an interest of mine would make the following comments.

The current (Up to Dec 31 2010. I'm afraid, but dont anticipate any changes) is as follows

Costa Rica: Risk is Limon province only

Nicaragua has risk in all areas

Panama, Risk is in all areas except Panama City.

The recommended prophylaxis is a combination of chloroquine and Proguanil which you can buy in travel packs from your local Pharmacy at a cost of about £15. Would not recommend buying locally as source may not be genuine!

This a long established medicine regimen with a good safety record and as you need to start taking them 7 days before you travel, any side effects can quickly be identified.

In all areas the recommendation is use mosquito nets, insect repellants and where long sleeved clothing after dusk.

Hope this is helpful, otherwise speak to your local community Pharmacist who should have access to up to date information through the NPA.

Bob Heaps 



Welcome Kathryn and Simon. We can all exchange Vietnam stories and sure won't be long before we have some Central America ones.

Hey Bob welcome and thanks for information - very useful. I have booked to see my practice nurse next week and she has also suggested Yellow fever might be required for Panama (not keen and want to avoid) and asked that I take a map BUT will listen to what she says and will probably just get a travel pack as you suggest. Don't want to tempt fate but the mossies don't like me. Great having a pharmacist on board. Think 10 now accounted for. Glad the snow has gone and can get out a do a bit of cycling again at the weekend.  Are you on the Continental flights via Houston?


Sorry to disappoint you Hazel, but I am not actually on this trip! I was just surfing looking at other cycling trips, I am actually doing the MOC Indochina and Angkor Wat, sorry!

On the Yellow fever point, vaccine is recommended, not a requirement and is only available at designated centres. (

Bob Heaps


Hi all!! Not too long to go now! Ive been checking the weather and it looks brilliant! Im not going to bother with the malaria tablets, Im going to tough it out! (going to take deet wipes) I have spoken to Exodus and they said that the trip is fully booked with a varied age group so Im looking forward to meeting you all.

See you all soon, Andy.


We have decided to play it safe with the malaria pills. Going to take them for the last day in costa rica and the days in panama. This following advice that is on the Scottish nhs website.

Which pills are you going for? I'm confused by the advice our practice nurse gave us - she says go for Malaron as the mossies are resistant to chloroquine? She also said we need Hep B and rabies jabs, so don't feel that confident about her judgement!


Been advised to have Malarone for Panama region only. Not Rabies, but advised stay well clear of the monkies.

I am also on the Houston flight on 12th Feb, we can all meet up for a coffee in the departure lounge prior to boarding. If I remember there are several cafes. Any suggestions?

Weather looks good in Nicaragua but will take rain gear as squally showers in Panama and Costa Rica but hopefully have changed by the time we get there and just Sunshine all the way.

Is everyone confident about the ATMs working for us?




Mean Monkeys of course!

We have been advised to take either chlorquinine or progunil. Both are available without a prescription, on line you can get a pack containing both that will last 7 weeks for about 11 pounds. You need 7 weeks, 1 before you go, 2 on holiday and 4 after returning. Not sure we want to rely on ATMs so will take some dollars.


Hmmmm...worringly all of our medical advice lines appear to be given us different information re the malaria! (even more worrying, is that they all read off the same website!)

ATM's are apparently ok out there but will take some cash too just in case. Flying out from Heathrow, Hazel, Im going down to London the night before and meeting up with a fellow traveller, but would be great if we met for a coffee if you fancy? Let me know.



I have been told to take chloroquine - and plan to follow my GP's advice.

I am joining the flight in Houston (from Chicago) and would love to know where we can meet for a coffee, since I will have lots of time there between flights.




Hi Keith,

Our tentative plans are to meet up in Costa Coffee just after security at Heathrow but great to catch up with you when we get to Houston.  Always in need of a coffee!  Do you know Houston airport at all? Can you suggest somewhere where we can meet up with you. Our group flight is Continental 035 scheduled to arrive at 1340hrs local time so dependant on transit time we could regroup at place of your choice.   I used to know Chicago quite well and still have some contacts there.

All - have you seen the hotel (Patio Del Malinche) in Granada on the email from Exodus. Looks great and has some good reviews on Trip Advisor. 

Yes we have looked at the hotel it looks very nice and is in a central location. We will no doubt visit costa coffee at heathrow so will see you there.


Hi Haze, I leave home tomorrow and do a bit of travelling before Houston, but will look out for you at the airport there. Bon voyage



Hi Keith

Guess you're gonna recognise us lot by photos + I usually have my cycling helmet dangling from my rucksack as take too much stuff. Will look out for you in Houston. Safe travels. Am really looking forward to my hols now and even tentatively laying some things aside in said rucksack.



Getting a bit worried now as have only a week left and we don't seem to have been out cycling much in preparation. . Looking forward to the adventure, hope I can keep up and don't fall off. Sure we will find Keith in Houston, the Exodus luggage labels are quite distinctive.


Don't worry about your cycling as doesn't look too tough a course.

Just checked the weather and looks fantastic.Will look out for you all in Terminal 4 - past security and find the Costa Coffee. My mobile is 07908050894 if not turned up anywhere. 

Looking forward to a great holiday. 


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