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Cross-country skiing - Austria - dept 26th Dec

Tue, 09/15/2009 - 22:30


I would be happy to chat to anyone thinking of going on a cross-country skiing trip this winter, or if you have been before. Is this your first time? I have been once before, in Norway, and I loved it.

This winter, I have selected to go to Austria. As I have been once before, I was looking ideally for a Waymark trip, with Level 1/2. I chose the Trins and the Three Valleys, because it was a good grade for me (2). I like the country and location; and the idea of a traditional hotel in an Austrian village. The other Austrian trips for me where not the right grade, and somehow the description did not work for me though I am sure they would have been great too. I liked the idea of being at a high altitude.

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