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Classic Vietnam and Angkor Wat (trip code AOI) - Rucksack vs Suitcase?

Sun, 10/18/2009 - 19:21

Given the more leisurely style of this trip to Vietnam/Angkor Wat (trip code AOI) and the type of transport used, can any previous travellers or Exodus staff please advise whether it would be OK to take a wheelie suitcase instead of a rucksack.  I do have a rucksack but it has seen better days.

I know that in the trip notes it suggests taking luggage in a rucksack or holdall, however would it be completely inappropriate to take a suitcase?


Mon, 10/19/2009 - 17:30

For anyone wanting to take a suitcase on this trip this is perfectly feasible, and will not create any issues.

 Nick - Trip Manager

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