Capetown Garden Route - Solo Departure 12th - 25th oct

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Anyone else booked on this?
I'm travelling solo and can't wait! Would be nice to hear from any others going.


I don't think they do luggage labels any more Sarah.  We always get our instructions by email, but I'm sure they stopped doing the luggage labels a few years ago. 


Does sound nice doesn't it.  I like the bit about enjoying a drink on the deck while watching the sun go down ...... I think I could manage that!!



If anyone wants my number before we go just drop me an email on [email protected] :)


I was going to say exactly the same Sarah, especially for those of us intending to meet before check in (could spare a lot of innocent people from being accosted in Terminal 1).

 So if anyone wants my number then you can email me on [email protected]

Not long to go now :)



It might just be because it's so soon now but I can't help but feel I'm forgetting something... Passport,money, email ticket...
What are people doing about checking in their luggage? In the trip notes it says differently to the final notes about checking it in all the way to port Elizabeth, don't want to be left without my things!


As long as you have the money, tickets and passports the rest can be sorted.  I guarantee we will all leave something behind!!

As regards luggage, I'm not sure if the block booking will allow us to book in on line the night before (it works with some airlines and not with others and this will be our first time with SA).  However, when we get to check in they will let us know if for some reason they can't check the luggage all the way to Port Elizabeth, but I'm not expecting it as it's the same airline, so should be checked right through.

I'm also getting a bit nervous now about what I've forgotten ..... when we went to the Azores in June it was the memory cards for the cameras (I'd taken them out to download the photos to the computer from the previous trip and forgot to put them back .... had to buy new ones :( )


Firt of all we have received 2 new luggage labels from Exodus today, so hope you have all received yours too.  Maybe because we've been with them several times over the last few years they don't feel the need to give them to us every trip!!

Secondly, have been talking to my hairdresser tonight whose in-laws live in Port Edward.  I think we may well ahve to collect our luggage at Jo'burg as we apparently have to make our way over to the domestic terminal from the international one.  She has had to collect here luggage at Jo'burg when they go out to SA.  Just wanted to update you all. 

Gosh one week and one day and we'll all be mooching around Terminal 1 ...... so excited now!!


Got mine! That's what I was concerned about, not that it's a problem but it's all a bit vague about checking in luggage although hopefully we're all sat together so it won't be too bad finding different terminals at Jo'Burg! 


We'll be on our way :)

I gather from Caz (my hairdresser) that it's easy peasy changing terminals and we get a little walk out in the fresh air as a bonus!!  Don't worry just stick with us - Dave is the kind of person who always ends up where he's supposed to be, he just seems to have a 'nose' for these things (well he had to have some use or I wouldn't still be here after 34 years :) )


Aww that's lovely thank you, I feel better about it now. Not long!


Wahey only two more days at work and then it's showtime!!! Very exciting times.

I land on Sunday 13th at 12.15 after a couple of days in Cape Town.  What time do you all land in Port Elizabeth? 



We land in PE at 14:50 according to the leaving instructions. Looking forward to meeting all of you this weekend!

I think I need to repack some warmer clothes!


Is anyone checking in online? It says you can pick your seats, I thought we were all going to be sat together!

Hi they don't actually have you sitting all together on the group flight. Im thinkin

g of checking in on line.

Cant wait to meet everyone getting really excited now. Just 2 shifts left in work.   


Unless the rest of you have got different information than us, it doesn't look as though we can.  I've just tried 'manage my booking' and it doesn't recognise our electronic ticket locator number (says it wants a 13 digit number).  We've had this before with group bookings so it's nothing to worry about we just have to go to the desk on the day.

No they don't put us all together because Exodus can't prebook actual seats, just the required number of seats and the airline can put us anywhere on the plane the want.

Just want to get started out now, so excited :)  See you all very soon!!


Warmer clothes?? Do you know something about the forecast we don't Sarah? :-)


haha by warmer clothes I mean marginally more coverage. I intend to get my pasty white legs out and tan the poor things. Tourist alert!


Completely forgot to come on here and post! I'll meet you in Heathrow as I'm planning to get there fairly early too. (I'll send emails to those of you who have posted yours) I did try to check in online, but it didn't recognise my reference numbers, so after a quick panic, it's good to know that I'm not the only one who can't get into the system!

I'm glad to know that others are taking wheely holdalls as I was trying to decide between this and a backpack, but it's much easier to pack and find things in a holdall, so I'm definitely going to go with this. Just need to do a last bit of shopping this evening, but apart from that should be all sorted. I do need to get a travel plug adapter at the airport, as I haven't been able to track one down in London.

I've put my name down for the shebeen the evening that we arrive and also for Robben Island, so I think I've signed up for everything I can!

Looking forward to meeting you all in a few days time.



on covering up the legs for a while on this trip.  Managed to fall down the stairs this morning (caught my heel in the hem of my trousers) and got a feeling there will be a very large bruise that will need to be hidden for a few days LOL.  Good job I bounce :)

Two day of work and three sleeps folks ..... see you Saturday!!



Everyone ready? :)

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