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I booked this trip a couple of months back and I now notice it's guaranteed so that must mean more people have booked.  Yay!  I will be getting a regional flight from Edinburgh (although I live in Glasgow) and I will join the main group in London. 

It would be good to hear from anyone else booked on this trip.  I am so looking forward to it.



Hey Ian,

Re our flight - thanks for the offer of parking but, unfortunately, I don't drive now (after a motorway accident) nor do I have a car so I am now Public Transport Queen ;o).  My sis offered to drive me up but she's always late so I didn't want to be stressed nor take any chances of missing my flight so I booked in the Airport Traveodge.  I've only just realised it's nearly 3 miles from the airport so I'll probably just jump in a taxi in the morning.

What do I have in my day-pack?  Probably too much but you just never know ;o).  Here's what I'll probably have in mine.......waterproof trousers, waterproof jacket, gaitors, fleece, gloves, water, lunch/snacks, basic first aid stuff (ankle strap, compeeds, paracetomal, ibruprofen, plasters), camera, money, saltire (goes everywhere), walking poles (I am trying to teach myself to use these but I tend to use them/one only for the descent to help preserve the old knees), torch, foil blanket, sun cream, sunglasses.

Tents - I have no idea what the sleeping mats will be like I'm afraid. I would defo take a decent head torch and spare batteries for the tent. Thermals and decent sleeping bag. I've just got a blow up pillow which will need to do as it's easily packed away. If it's not comfy you just wrap your fleece round it to make it cosier. Karen's been camping a few times recently so maybe she has more tips for us?  Karen - any tips?

This weekend is the weekend for me to look at what I have/haven't got.  Hopefully I have most things and think I should only have to go and buy some toiletires but that probably means I have forgotten something really important.  Oh I have a silk sleeping back liner too which is meant to give you an extra couple of degrees and if I get really cold I will just lay my down jacket over the top of me.

I'm not sure if I helped on hindered here Ian and I probably take too much but it's just what's always in my bag "just in case".



Hello yous twos, I bought a travel pillow from Its a tichy little thing but its down filled and is very cofortable. I havent had a practise pack yet so I've no idea if I can fit it in but it squishes up small. I love it, it was only £6 and about £5 P&p, worth a look Ian.

I'm taking my walking boots obviously and my trainers (because Margaret wants to go running :0   and I might travel in some walking sandels and I might bring some beach flip flops for the shower but I'm never going to fit that lot in I dont think.

Margaret if theres an incident I want to be stood next to you ! I like the sound of your day pack, you proffessional you...

In my day pack there will be lipstick, hairbrush, small mirror and hairspray....just kidding!!!! Top and bottom waterproofs, fleece top, fine thermal top hat and gloves, and my dinner of course, and a 2Ltl camel pack and my sticks. My new rucksack is awsome, it has all sorts of things on it that I have no idea what to do with but I will read the instructions.

I'm not worried about sleeping mats, I hope I'll be tired out so will sleep anywhere. I have a synthetic 3 season bag, its very cosy and a silk liner in case its really cold. I'm taking a down jacket as well.

I might take a washing line and some pegs (not sure if I'm kidding about that!!)

I'm sure I'll think of a heap of other things that I wont have room for in the next two weeks.



I forgot to say, my most impessive piece of kit is my sea to summit micro fibre towel...amazing thing!

Hahahaha Karen I sure aint no Pro! ;o)  As for running ....  I only do light jogs but after reading about the bears I may need to save that for in the city/town.  LOL.  I always have my trainers anyway and I have to agree with the one pair of boots as I don't think I will have room for another.

Glad you're pleased with your new day-pack. 


Margaret ... your daypack is *so* scottish (4 seasons in a day - fleece, waterproofs, sunscreen, foil blkt)!  :-)  All thats missing is the Avon Skin so Soft! Not sure the gaitors will be needed in Canada though.

I was thinking of getting a mini battery powered lantern for my tent.  What about a warm jacket for the evenings?   I have one of those puffy looks-like-a-sleepingbag jackets that I might bring.   If folded properly it could make a good pillow once stuffed into a pillowcase.   

I expect we will be able to stop at a mall somewhere on the way so we can pick-up toiletries etc.  And we are likely to pass a few camping shops on the transfer days.


Hahahahahaha ......Aye very Scottish indeed Ian but I would rather be potentially warm and dry than potenitally wet and cold.  I am sure I won't use half the stuff as I don't normally but hey ... it's there just in case!  I wasn't sure about the gaiters either but they are on the "what to take" list tho it does mention you definitely need them for June ... Hmmmmm.

I have a down jacket for evenings/mornings so I will be trying to squeeze that in ... good idea about it also being a pillow.

Yeah I think there will be a few stops for provisions along the way.  The weather is looking good so far so long may it last.  Not long now!

Juanita - we've not heard from you for a while ..... are you getting organised?


3 days to go, and I'm convinced I'll never fit everything into that 70l Exodus bag they sent us ... !  Boots (size 11), sleeping bag, towel, and warm jacket will take up half the space at least!   I've got a backup 90 litre bag just in case, though.   I guess I'll need to leave my slippers and dinner jacket at home :-)




I'm off tomorrow and have just finished packing. I had to sit on my suitcase to get it closed. Enough said!

I dont know what size it is in litres but its ever so slightly not enough, its well underweight though.

My friend has just got back from Banff and Jasper and his advice is take everything, its hot...and then its cold!

He also said its fabulous :)

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