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Camino de Cuba - Nov 27th - Hi to anyone on this trip

Fri, 09/02/2011 - 14:32

Hi to anyone going on this trip.

I'm in Havana for a few days before and after too.

Did a similar trip last year and enjoyed Cuba so much I'm heading back there, keen to climb Pico Turquino.

Looking forward to my first mojito back in Havana.


Sat, 09/03/2011 - 15:06

we too are looking forward to our trip to Cuba, unlike you it is our first visit but have heard lots of good reports about thecountry. Better do some serious uphill walking before we go !!

Ange and Chris ( huddersfield )

Sat, 09/03/2011 - 16:02

Yes, I've just started some walking to get into shape (ish).

12 weeks to go!

See you then.

June (Crawley)

Mon, 10/31/2011 - 15:00

Hi is there anyone out there going on this trip, if so give us a reply otherwise it wil be a little lonely


All the best

Chris and Ange

Thu, 11/03/2011 - 12:11

Hi Chris and Ange,

If you're going on 13th November, then you need to start a new thread in the November 2011 forum for that trip date - will have more chance of a reply from fellow travellers going on your date.

Have a good trip!


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