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Bhutan - Sept 2010

Mon, 06/14/2010 - 22:03

Anyone else booked on the 'Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon' trip starting in Kathmandu on 11th Sept? 

 Am enjoying reading 'Hidden Bhutan' by Martin Uitz and getting excited!

 Does anyone know if it is easy to hire decent sleeping bags and camping mats in Kathmandu when we get there?  I'm doing it as part of a much longer round-the-world trip so don't want to be carrying too much extra stuff around with me! 



Hi Becca

I am booked on the trip starting in london on 10th September. I have today arranged to hire sleeping bag(4 seasons) through Exodus. This cost £25 and will be delivered to the room in Kathmandu.This is great as I too do not want to carry too much stuff. I am told that there are 11 people booked on this trip. I am really looking forward to this.



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