Balloon trip on AYK

Would be interested to hear from anyone that has done the balloon ride on this trip.

Seriously thinking about it- just one problem- I am scared of heights and do not want to ruin the ride for everyone else. On the other hand, I am going all the way to Africa for the trip of my dreams and want to push myself to the limit!

If I do not go on the Balloon ride, I beleive that there is an additional early morning game drive- is it worth missing this?

Decsisions, descsions.....

Anyone else scared of heights- have you done anything like this?



Hi Carl

We won't be going on the balloon flight on the holiday as a few weeks ago we went on a Virgin hot air balloon in Cambridge.  I was a worried that I would be scared of the height but it is not in the slightest bit scary!  It is one of the most amazing things we have ever done!  the basket is quite high and you can also stand well back if you are initially apprehensive.  In our basket you could also sit down.  The flight is incredibly gentle too - no sudden jolts or anything even on landing.  I would really recommend it.  Hope this helps!

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