AZV- Cape town to Victoria Falls May 28 to June 18

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 Would like to meet anyone else who is booked on this trip ?


Getting excited now, and I  have the exodus app on my iphone and can't help but check the countdown clock every day !!


Hope to hear from anyone who is going on this epic adventure !


hey kath that sounnds like a great idea !!!

 I had a think about it and i'll probably take some crayon, pencils that kind of thing for the schools :)

Countdown timer is at

 16 days......(15 days is you take off the 2 hours untill midnight that is ha  ha ha )



hi All,


Hope everyone is doing well :)

Not long now only 11 days!!

i've got a few things left to get mostly my currency but i'm pretty much ready !

How is everyone else getting on ?


Ordered my currency today, and slowly getting everything else together.

Can't wait to go and to meet you all!!! : - )

I wonder if its still just seven of us, loads of room on the truck if it is.

I will be easy to spot at the airport, just look for baldy man with a Leicester Tigers rugby top on.

See you in 10


Yeah Leicester Tigers!!!! lol


Money! Must get my currency sorted!  I think I will take a combination of US dollars and SA Rand (Good call on that one - it does appear that SA Rand is widely accepted in Namibia).  Looking forward to meeting you all in the departure lounge pub.  I can't wait to experience the highs (and the lows - I am sure we will all have them at some point) of this trip and am determined to make sure  that we all have an adventure of a lifetime!


Hi all,

I was just checking the packing list and was wondering, are we taking our own personal supply of toilet paper?

I have no idea if its on the list for other trips but its not something that is mentioned in ours.

I was thinking if we do have to take it, probably better if we maybe buy in bulk for all of us when we get to capetown??

i've pretty much got everything now, sooo weird that its only a few days away now as i feel like it was an age ago that i booked this trip!!

Wash and go i'm affraid.

2 inch pipes mean no paper in most places, water only ( hoses instead of bidets ).

Lefthand only.

7 to go.

I've noticed my OH has posted the above and nobody has updated since! He's only joking - as far as I know. Just ignore him - that's what I usually do!!! 


I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo excited, can't wait to meet you all and have the adventure of a life time!

 Going to start packing but I'm so excited I dont know where to start lol


I had guessed ( hoped ) that he was only joking. It all seems unbelieveably close now  I just hope the ash cloud doesn't cause us any disruptions. I imagine Carol in particular must be quite concerned at the moment, but I have got my fingers, toes and everything else crossed that it will all be fine by Saturday. 


Hope everyone is getting on ok :)

 I'm now pretty much sorted, just need to see if my flight from Edinbugh to Heathrow goes ahead....... bloody ash cloud !! i've been checking the BMI website to check for any updates. Its going to be a nighmare if I can't get down there, might have to sign up for a bus to take me down which will be about 12 hours of travelling:( So fingers crossed !!



Yeah fingers crossed there will be no problems, 12 hrs on a bus would not be fun for you Carol x


...if you do have to spend twelve hours on the coach, it would be good preparation for spending the next three weeks on the minibus!!


True ha ha ha

I'll keep you all posted :)


Hi, i think the ash cloud is gone !!

Just a little message to say I hope eveyone is excited and looking forward to the epic adventure we're all going on !!

 Tomorrow will be a hectic day for me so wanted to post something to say i'm really looking forward to meeting you all and i'm sure we will have a blast while we're away...



PS will someone please let me know if i'm standiang too close to the edge at Victoria falls as i'm a bit clumsy and i'm liable to fall in !

Hi all, 48 hours to lift off, and only one shift left at work.

We got some bits for the school today, pens, coloured pencils, erasers, sharpeners and some pencil cases.

I am going to have another look tomorrow.

Guess we are all sorted now, just need to see if what we want to take actually fits in the bags.


That is fab news, i have made up 24 sets of 11 pencils, crayons and a mini activity book for the kids and hope that is enough, I'm glad someone has got pencil sharpners ha ha ha its the one thing i forgot !!

 I'm the same with the bag situation, i got one of the exodus bags and i've constructed a little strapp at the side of it to carry my sleeping bag, hope it gets through customs ha ha ha, don't know if i have space in the bag for my sleeping bag as well as my clothes !

i've decided to now countdown in hours so for me, from now to my flight to Heathrow is.................32 hours and 30 minutes- 59, 58, 57, 56.........


Just wanted to say Hi, and can not wait to meet you all. Thats great Chip and Tracey that you have got things for the school. Between us we will have loads : - )

I wont be able to sleep tomorrow night, I will be so excited!


SEE YOU ALL TOMMORROW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ready to go, Carol Kath Rob, looking forward to tomorrow, see you then.

Its beer time.


.....oh well, too late now!!

See you all tomorrow.


Ohhh, i was about to be there, but we change our plans. Now im thinking of going again. :) Would be glad to meet some of you :P

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