AYU Gorillas & Masai Mara ; extra day in Nairobi?

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Hello Fellow Travellers!!! I know it's still over nine months to go, but since there is already quite a few of us booked on this trip I was wondering if anyone has considered taking an extra day in Nairobi at the beginning of the trip? I would hate to miss the giraffe centre, animal orphanage and a dinner at Carnivore and our scheduled itinerary does not seem to make any allowance for it (make sure to use google if you're not sold on these places yet;). It's only 90£ extra for additional night at the hotel booked through exodus so I am going to do it but would love some company;)

Anyway, who else is going to see the gorillas in September? 

Hi Sandra and Impyimp

It seems like we are all on the same 20:00 flight, I will be there for a long time too as I am coming in from Jersey and transferring from Gatwick. Sandra, I am going to wear my Gorilla kit too including hiking boots, as I don't want to loose them. For the rest of the trip I have got some pairs of trekking trousers that have zip off legs so can be converted into shorts as well. Thought they would cover most eventualities, paired with various tee shirts and long sleeved shirts. For sleeping I thought I could wear pj's and layer up if cold, so as not to pack too much.

Hi Iasaulnaraie

I may yet travel in my boots. They are bulky in the rucksac. I have also got trekking trousers which convert to shorts. Are you taking a fleece? The trouble on these holidays I think we all take too much but at the same time we want to have enough. How big a lock have you got for the storage? Reading up people's reviews an ordinary suitcase lock wouldn't be big enough.

See you around Heathrow no doubt. Look forward to meeting you and Impyimp (male or female)


Hi Sandra, Iasaulnaraie

I'm also going to travel wearing the boots I'm going to wear to the Gorilla's as well as the clothes, taking no chances.

Clothes wise, I'm going to travel in jeans, take a couple of shorts, some leggings that I can wear under the shorts, long sleeved t-shirts, a long cardigan type thing, a hooded sweatshirt and a kagoul.



Hi Sylvie,

Thanks for that, sounds like a plan to me! Trying to sort my visa for Rwanda at the moment, thought I could get it at the border but apparently I have to apply online, just what I need a week before departure! Hope the packing is going well, talk soon

Anne Marie 


Hi imyimp, Sandra, lasuanarale,

Good call on the clothes front. Will probably do the same. Still trying to figure out how much money to take! I'm getting the train down from Newcastle so will probably get to the airport around 4 ish. Looking at sootypaws message it looks like the bridge bar is the best place to meet if anyone fancies it??
Only 2 weeks to go!!!


Thanks Sylvie, will look out for you, Anne-Marie and Angela. I will also wear walking boots, probably no rose ;) !


Hi Martin,Anne Marie and Sylvie,

Looking forward to meeting you all. I shall also be wearing my walking boots with a black and purple back pack.

see you very soon !!



Hi Martin,Anne Marie and Sylvie,

Looking forward to meeting you all. I shall also be wearing my walking boots with a black and purple back pack.

see you very soon !!


Martin, Anne Marie & Angela.

Looking forward to meeting you next Monday and experiencing another Exodus adventure, anyone know how many people in total on our trip ?



Hello to those travelling on 6th September! I'm also on the KQ101 flight, so assuming I don't leave my arrival at Heathrow too late (very possible...) will look out for you after check-in. Should be a great trip.


Hi. Can't believe we go on Mondsy. So excited. Travelling on my own and flying out of heathrow Monday evening. Can't wait to meet up with everyone and the adventure begin.

Hi everyone who's also taking the group flight from Heathrow tomorrow. I'm glad to see that everyone is going to try and meet up at the airport, I would love to join you too if I can find you! I'm also going to be wearing my walking boots as they take up too much room in my rucksack.

Hopefully see you there.

Also good luck to those of you flying out later this month, I'm sure it's going to be fantastic!

Will probably unpack and re pack a couple of times as I keep getting excited then panic that I have forgotten something! I leave Jersey on Thursday and will probably be at Heathrow mid afternoon Friday. I am planning on going through to departures ASAP and will go to the Bridge Bar as Sally suggested and have my trip notes out on the table in front of me. See you all soon. Tracy


I was wondering if there is anyone, that is departing on 15th September?  I booked this trip last minute (only last week!) and wondered if anyone is flying out from Heathrow that day?  (I think it would be nice to meet at Heathrow).....  Also, is anyone planning to do the extra 'stuff' (balloon ride, white water rafting, etc) and how much extra cash you're thinking of bringing?

And finally, is anyone thinking about bringing little 'goodies' (crayons, colouring books, sweets, other stuff?) for children we may meet in villages?  Is that good etiquiette?  I think I read somewhere that colouring books are appreciated, but only if we did one of the 'extra' village tours....(Too much info to take in such a short period of time!)

Only two weeks away - counting down the days!



Anyone out there on this trip?!



Hi All, have now packed and checked and checked again. Probably taking too much but underweight. Travelling in Gorilla clothes and boots in rucksac. Can't wait, we will be down there quite early afternoon as travelling down by the airport bus. Looking forward to a good trip, I understand there are 13 of us and a wide age range as would have expected.

I'm so excited now - 2 days to go !  Must start taking the malaria tablets...

Well almost there, have just checked in online and got our boarding passes, so that's one job less, nothing much else to do. Looking forward to a fantastic trip. See you all soon



Cannot believe we are leaving tomorrow!! Just about packed and sure I am taking too much stuff. Looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow. See you then. Sally

Hi, like you I have probably packed too many clothes, but better to have more than not enough, I'm still under the weight limit anyway. Getting rather excited. Sandra


Hi Sandra, I'm so excited, it's unreal. I just hope I have the right mix of clothes!! See you tomorrow. Sally

Hey Julie,  

Me, me, me.   Only 6 days to go!  I checked the weather for Nairobi and it's 27C and sunshine for the next 10 days! It's looking good for our trip!  When I spoke with the sales team, they told there would be 10 of us on this trip.. Are you travelling from Heathrow?  Oh and did you receive your luggage labels from Exodus yet?



Hi Greg good to hear from you, sorry not to reply sooner but had a crazy week at work.  there are 10 of us yes, 8 women 2 men apparently! ;o)  will be travelling from Heathrow yes and have the Exodus label, plus one from a previous trip if I can find it!!  are you all set?  I had a crisis over the luggage requirement and lockers so went and got another backpack and so haven't yet packed - tomorrow morning it is then!

 Might be worth trying to meet somewhere at Heathrow think we go from T3?




Just to say I did the shorter Kenya trip last year and the balloon safari and it was great, although expensive.  might do white water rafting depending what grade it is!  I haven't got things to take with me for the children, I know they say things like colouring books etc are welcomed just haven't had time to sort out.


Hey Jules!

Good to hear from you.  

I think I've packed too much and need to re-pack again!  D'oh!  But yes, lets meet at Heathrow.  (It is T4 and not T3 - just double-checked).  Once past security, shall we say the Costa?  I'll be wearing a red-navy blue stripey polo shirt.  

Only a couple hours now!



Hi Greg, I'm still sorting think it should be enough as long as it all goes in the backpack, the sleeping bag will have to tie to the back of it! 


Good spot, hadn't noticed that on the letter, thanks! yes Costa sounds good to me, I'll be in black top ;o)I know, very exciting! 



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