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ayu departure sept 10

Fri, 02/12/2010 - 20:59

anyone else booked on this trip? me and my other half are safari virgins, i'm really looking forward to it, o/h is far more a reluctant passenger. would love to hear from those travelling with us.

Sun, 02/14/2010 - 16:23

The wife and I are going, we have only been to Africa once before. We did a camping trip from Jobhanisburg through Zimbabwe and it was fantastic. We live in Northwestern Ontario. Where are you?

Thu, 02/18/2010 - 21:08

Hi pandp, good to hear from you, we're in yorkshire, england. looking forward to our holiday but really do not know what to expect.

Tue, 03/23/2010 - 15:09

myself and partner will be there. have been to kruger national park, south africa but stayed in selfcontained bungalows. not done camping before! not sure what to expect. started to do some walking to prepare for gorilla hike. at times we think we must be mad. we are from warwickshire, uk. 46 + 55. hope we are not too old for all this!

Mon, 03/29/2010 - 21:05

if you're too old for it then there is no hope for me and mine. he'll be 63 when we go. never too old to  get adventurous i say.

Sat, 04/03/2010 - 15:54

Hi lindmart, my wife and I are the same ages as you. The last camping trip we did was with Geckos and we were the oldest ones by a long ways. This mix seems better.

Wed, 04/28/2010 - 20:27

are there only the 6 of us going or is everyone else too shy to add their names? so excited, just got our balloon flight tickets come through! :-)

Tue, 05/04/2010 - 20:35

lindmart, how did you book your baloon flight, we wanted to do it but didn't know what date we would be able to go.

Wed, 05/05/2010 - 13:47

i sent an e-mail to exodus sales to request they book us on the ballon flight for which ever day it was on the itinery. then someone phoned me back to say ok but it had to be paid for then over the phone. the flight is on 23rd sept cost £350 for both of us. cost alot but i think it will be worth it. when we going to do it again?

Wed, 05/05/2010 - 21:13

thanks for that, i'll get in touch with them next week when i've finished work. it is a lot but it's a once in a lifetime type of trip isn't it, well for us it is anyway, my partner is a very reluctant companion on this trip.

Wed, 05/05/2010 - 23:02

sorry, cathmcgoun, cost is £350 each. i may have misled you the way i put it in previous message. i am sre your o/h will enjoy it once we all set out. we are all alittle apprehensive when we are out of our comfort zone

Sat, 05/22/2010 - 14:54

You wouldn't happen to have the email address for the exodus sales department would you?

I contacted the travel company we booked through a few weeks ago about booking the ballon trip and they told me exodus does not take bookings anymore and that I would have to find a flight when we were there. I think this fellow is really busy so he may not have tried to hard to get the flights for us.

Sat, 05/22/2010 - 18:32
Wed, 05/26/2010 - 21:40

Hi everyone - we are also on the trip leaving London September 10th.  We are a party of three - my husband, my mother and myself.  Really looking forward to the trip, specially the gorillas and the balloon flight.  Wonder if you guys are all planning on getting visas at the borders?  We are one Aussie, one Kiwi and one British passport.  Have read the 'official' line is that we should look to get them before we depart, but most reviews say it's easy to get at the borders - what have you decided?  Thanks!

Tue, 07/06/2010 - 14:59

Hi folks  me and my husband are on the 10 sept trip. We've both done safari before in africa and absolutely loved it can't wait counting down the weeks already.

Fri, 07/16/2010 - 20:36

not long to go now everyone. we intend to get our visas when there, reading a few other posts this seems to be easy enough to do unless anyones knows differently. what i'm unsure of is how much money to take, don't want to take too much, but want to have enough for our needs. anyone got any ideas??


Tue, 08/17/2010 - 15:29

Hi everyone we have decided to get the visas on arrival as well sure its easy enough. Not long now cant believe its nearly here. Is anyone planning on taking part in any of the extra activities ie the white water rafting!!! My hubby fancies it


Hi all, hubby & I are on this trip too, is he gonna take the crown for being the oldest on the trip (he will be 70 in December) !! Whilst I'm a mere 58. We are on this trip to treat ourselves as we celebrate our Ruby Wedding Anniversary whilst in Africa.  We have overlanded before in 2003 when we had a fantastic trip from Nairobi to Cape Town and through Eygypt in 2002 (but shhhhh dont tell anyone as these trips were not with Exodus)  We are booked to do the balloon flight too and are really looking forward to it.  Its gonna be good to meet you guys. hopefully some of you will be on the group flight from Heathrow, we are and will be sporting our Exodus luggage lables on our day packs so if you spot us come and talk to us too!  Reading through the forums, with regard to visas we are getting ours on arrival they appear to be easier and cheaper that way.  Counting down the days fast now, see you all on the 10th/11 September.  Whoooo.

Tue, 08/24/2010 - 17:09

Hi all! My friend and I are booked on this trip aswell. We are flying from Heathrow so we will look out for you! I'm so excited, can't wait to see the gorillas!   

Tue, 08/24/2010 - 17:13

great to know who's going  - lots of good advice I should have looked here before I applied for my Ugandan visa!  I hope I can book balloon ride; have e-mailed exodus as stated by some here on forum.  I'm traveling solo.  

Thu, 09/02/2010 - 08:35

Just found this forum.  I am also going on this trip (route Kenya - Rwanda).  I was also advised that Exodus changed the policy on booking the balloon flights in this country - which makes sense.     Flying from Heathrow on the 10th - bit nervous as travelling on my own but looking forward to going and meeting everyone.

Sat, 09/04/2010 - 16:31

Hi Kat

I contacted Exodus about the balloon ride and the price they gave me in Canadian worked out to about $750 each US. Our travel agent said people from here book the flights when there and it should be $415US each. We leave early Thursday morning to get there for saturday, 300 km drive then 20 hours flying with 4 plane changes.

Wed, 09/08/2010 - 11:11

Hello travelling companions, Jill from Edinburgh here, joining the forum at the last minute!  Technically travelling on my own but Caroline and I met on Exodus's Land of the Tiger in India 3 years ago and have been friends ever since.  Sounds like we've got a full group from all the comments posted - it's going to be great fun!  Who's been watching the BBC's Mountain Gorilla series?!  Couldn't have been timed better for whetting our appetites!!  See you all Friday/Saturday.

Thu, 09/09/2010 - 18:34

Ooooh less than 24 hours to go now, we're packed and ready just need the taxi to arrisve on time - we are on the group flight so hope to mee with some of you guys at the airport tomorrow.

Here's to a good trip and seeing them there gorillas in the flesh, which as good as the BBC prog was has just GOT to be better - cant wait now

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