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AVQ Slovenia Whitewater - August 2009

Sat, 09/12/2009 - 10:57

If you look at this one in the brochure and you are undecided - just do it! We (a group of 16 relative strangers, mostly solo travellers) got back at the end of August and this morning I got teary, again,  just remembering how good a holiday it was - I'm sorting out my photos (all 250 of them - and all good ones!!)

 The hotel is clean, well situated and really friendly staff, the food is great, the activities are well organised and action packed (boy, they are fantastic - scary, fun, adrenaline filled, laughter inducing stuff)  Slovenia is stunning (I love travel and China & Australia are my top 2 - this comes in as an amazingly close 3rd) our Tour leader, Lisa, well.....if only she could be on every trip I do, she's great.

The group was great too, you meet so many like minded people that help you out when you need it and are up for getting the maximum fun out of the trip. 

If you want to know more I can wax lyrical for hours on this one! (have bored many a colleague on my return!!)




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