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ATM - what to pack?

Thu, 05/13/2010 - 17:32

Hi , I am trying to pack for the Lycian Adventure week departing 17th May 2010 but I am not really sure what I should be taking! My suitcase is getting very full as I am trying to cover all eventualities especially as I get cold easily. Can someone give me some pointers, specifically:

1. what should I wear white water rafting? Swimsuit? Shorts and t shirt?

2. we get a wet suit for canyoning - but is the water very cold? Should I bring warm things to put on under it (I know that if the wetsuit doesn't fit properly then it is not so warm) or just wear a swimsuit underneath? What should we take for the abseiling? Do we take a dry set of clothes for lunch time?

4. How warm is it in the evenings at this time of year? Last time I went to Turkey it was in April and it was pretty chilly at night, definately needed jeans and some warm tops.

5. I think I have cycling covered (cycle shorts and t shirt). How long is the cycle day?



Fri, 06/18/2010 - 10:53

hi eve,

im doing the lycian activty week soon and i was wondering what you thought of it and if theres anythng special i need to take with me. also, how did you arrange spending money ie, exchange before you left or when you got there and how much would you suggest i take??



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