Anyone coming on the gorilla trip?

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 I've just booked myself on this trip - I'm really excited but also a little nervous as this is my first Exodus trip. Would love to hear from anyone coming on the same trip!



I've finally finished the packing! Woo hoo!

Not totally sure I can actually carry everything but I'm sure that will be part of the fun!

Emily - I'll see you tomorrow at the check-in at 5ish (as I mentioned before, hang around until 5.20ish but if neither of us isn't there by that time go ahead and check-in without each other). Lucy I will keep an eye for a little blonde girl as you described!

Looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow!


(can't believe we've made it on to a second page!)

Impressive -  two pages!!

I'm just about to start packing too...I think I have everything ready to go, it's just a matter of trying to make it all fit in the bag! I hope I don't forget anything!

Looking forward to meeting you all either at the airport tomorrow or on Saturday morning in Nairobi - yey! Lucy x 


Quick question - when you check in online, Kenya Airways asks you to confirm that you have a valid passport and visa for your destination. Does this mean that you can't check in online if you are getting visas on arrival? I don't want to confirm I have a visa and then have problems at the airport! Lucy


Hi Lucy,

 I didn't realise we could check-in online to be honest....

Really not sure whether you can or can't confirm the visa..... my gut instinct would be that you have to say that you can't confirm you have a visa, but I really don't know....

 Let me know if you get any further with it and I will then also check in online.

Good luck!


Hi Laura,

I think you're right, I can't confirm I have a visa if I don't have one so it is probably better to check in the old fashioned way! Anyway, I emailed Exodus this evening to see what they thought and if I hear back from them in the morning I'll let you know. The only real advantage to checking in online is that you get to choose your seat! Ah well! See you tomorrow!! Lucy

I don't know if anyone will read this - presumably you have all been told that the flight to Nairobi has been cancelled tonight so we'll be on one tomorrow morning.  Grrrr

 I'll be at the check in at about 8.40 if anyone else wants to meet then.



How frustrating! I was already in Heathrow when I got the message unfortunately....

 Did you have far to travel from Lucy? I didn't think to ask about a hotel...

 Lets just hope that tomorrow's flight goes okay!

Emily I will meet you tomorrow at 8.40am, again hang around until 9am-ish and if either of us aren't there then go through without us.

Not sure how this going to affect the rest of the trip, guess we'll find out soon!

Hopefully meet you all in the morning!


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