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Having visited Antartica  in Nov 2012 with my daughter  on the Vavilov( Falklands S Georgia Antartica)  lept to book the Artic with my son  for 2013 ... already excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorted most of my camera gear out last weekend, will get my packing done this weekend. I'm bringing a pair of SealSkinz All Weather Cycle Gloves for the zodiacs, I use these gloves when I go rambling and I've always had warm dry hands even when it's rained heavily for hours on end.

See you all on the 14th.



My wife and I coming on this trip to see the wildlife - hopefully polar bears. So Jenny, there will be at least 4 of us!
Really looking forward to the trip - we have been on the Ioffe (sister ship to Vavilov) twice . Once to S Georgia and the Antarctic and second time to Northwest Passage. Hope there is still some sea ice around.

Hi Bob

Good to hear from you. I expect there will be more than the four of us. We've not done a cruise before but we have been to Sri Lanka with Paul and he does try his utmost to get the best sightings so hopefully we will be lucky with the polar bear sightings.


Hi Jenny and Bob

Though my husband loves to take photographs I am more of an occational aim and click sort of person.  Will you allow me to join your non photographers club?  We have been to the antarctic on the Vavilov a couple of years ago and loved it.  Now that the joining details have arrived I am getting very excited.

See you all on Sunday



Hi Lorna and Jenny.

Welcome aboard Lorna! We have the makings of a very exclusive club here. Lesley and I still look on our trip to S Georgia and the Antarctic as our number 1 travel experience - and that was in 2005! I know Paul will do everything he can to make this even more memorable.

Look forward to meeting everyone.



Hi Lorna and Bob

Welcome to the club Lorna. I'm envious you have both been to the Antarctic - maybe one day! I'm having enough trouble thinking about my clothes etc let alone photographic equipment!

Looking forward to meeting you and future members soon. Only 5 days to go!



Hi Jenny, Bob and Lorna,

   Can I join your club?



Greetings non-photographers...look forward to meeting you all:-)

How are the plans/packing? Can't believe it's nearly here. 

I'm packed and my hired camera body arrived today. The 500mm lens should be here tomorrow so I can have a play with it at the weekend to get my eye back in.

As the title of this thread said some time ago..already excited! 



Alterego Life is for living!

Is there anyone else booked on the Sea Spirit trip which leaves Longbearyen on 16 July? If so be good to say 'hi' on line. Or perhaps I'm just trying to avoid touching woolly socks and gloves while the sun is beating down! Hope those of you heading off wiht Paul Goldstein have  a fabulous time and that all the camera kit behaves itself!


Yes the irony of buying wolly socks, gloves and hat on the hottest day of the year had not escaped me. In fact a number of friends have pointed out I'm the only person fleeing that rarest of things..a British heatwave. 'No I'm not,' I said, 'There are about 80 of us'.


Hi Anne

Welcome to the club.  I am looking forward to meeting everyone.

 Leslie (my husband) has just looked up the weather forecast for the next two weeks and the day time high is only 2 C and drops to below freezing most nights.  My case has been packed and unpacked so many times in the last week that I am sure something vital will be missing by the time we set off.

it is under 62 hours before we land at Longyearbyen!



Yes, not long to go now and ive not packed a single thing. For those who havent been before, layers is the best thing as you might find it warmer then it says on the temp guage and the worst thing is having only a few layers of thick items so you cant take a layer of and remain warm, Polar fleeces, thermals, fleece are all good items to have.. The sun is much stronger in the poles so you will feel warm even though it may say Zero, however main thing is pack with what you know will keep you warm as a warm client is a happy client.. The ship is very warm so once inside you wont be cold, same goes for your sleeping quarters, warm warm warm.. Wet and damp clothes dry quickly on this ship..

As for non photographers, there will be many and in fact i would say that you may take away the best memories as watching is more important then having a camera glued to your face.. i cant stress enough that its important to put the camera down and soak in your environment, its a stunning place and im sure we will all get some great sightings of Polar Bears.. You all have the added advantage of Ian Stirling being onboard, if there are polar bears to be found, he is the best out there at finding them, number 1 authority on them and a very nice guy as well.

See you all in a few days :) 


@ Alterego. If you have the pleasure of Alex Preston onboard the Sea Spirit, Say hi from me.. He is a great bloke and you will be in good hands..


Hi, folks

Judy and I are looking forward to meeting most of you on the plane plus the rest at Longyearbyen. We are really looking forward to this trip, our first with Paul. I gather from Kim that he is expecting to have to sail further North this time as the ice is "at best mediochre". He will certainly do his best to find the bears for us and we are really luckt to have Ian Stirling.

When I looked on The Weather Channel" today, the temperatures look pretty warm at Longyearbyen for the next 10 days - highs of 8C or 9C and lows of 6C or 7C - but there could be a wind chill that will drop that a couple of degrees and there are showers till Tuesday with 30% to 40% chance. The layering advice sounds really important. 




Hi All

Welcome to the club, Anne. Judging by what Matt says there may be quite a few of us!

Thanks for the layering tips, Matt and the weather info, Ron.

Looking forward to meeting everyone at some point in our journey.



Hi we are looking forward to meeting you all on board Sea Spirit on Tuesday. Very excited.

Tracy and Stewart

Alterego Life is for living!

 Hi, Tracy & Stewart, look forward to meeting you on Tuesday. Think very excited is an understatement of my excitement rating ................. if the trip is even half as much fun as the anticipation it'll be wondrous! Evelyn (alias alterego!)

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