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ACE Imperial China/Yangtzecruise Deaprt 17/18 Sept - Fellow travellers?

Sat, 09/03/2011 - 09:01

Hello fellow travellers

 I am looking forward to this trip, China being a country I have always wanted to visit since I first saw pictures of Beijing main street filled with bicycles not cars -  that era has gone now.  This will be my 6th Exodus trip after a gap of 10+ years.  In the old days, we got a list of the group members and their home town but with privacy and data protection, Exodus no longer do this and expect us to "meet up" here. So:

I'm Geoff Harmer from Reading, Berks, UK. I'm catching the group Emirates Flight from Heathrow and look forward to meeting you here and on the trip.

 Best wishes



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