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Who else is going? Feb. 21/22, '09 Kochi, India

Thu, 01/22/2009 - 05:15

Hi travel mates,

Mike and I look forward to exploring South India with you.

See you soon in Kochi.

Judy Scheible

Fri, 01/23/2009 - 17:40

Hi Judy & Mike,

Assuming we don't miss the Heathrow "Hoppa" we shall be at Termminal 3 on 21st Feb. As the weather here is diabolical at the moment we are looking forward to the trip and to meeting some fellow explorers. Is this your first trip or are you "Old India Hands"? Visas are sorted, so now its just a matter of sorting out what not to pack!

See you soon

Chris & Eileen Gillon

Fri, 01/23/2009 - 19:29

Hi travel mates,
We live in California, and we'll be flying in from Singapore. We're cooking foods of Kerala now and digging out light-weight clothes. We've been to northern India. This is our first time in the south.
It's also the first time in 8 years I'm not ashamed of our president. Champagne all around.
Judy and Mike Scheible

Sun, 01/25/2009 - 11:47

Hi Judy & Mike,

We live in France so are going home to UK to visit family before the trip. We have just been 24hrs or more without electric due to a rather nasty storm which I understand has devastated the Atlantic Coast. We were in Queensland for Christmas 2006 so have some idea of the type of heat to expect but have not been to India before. A lot of the Americans who visited us here in France last year were hoping for an Obama win so I guess they'll be very happy.
Chris & Eileen Gillon

Wed, 01/28/2009 - 17:49

Hi Judy,
Have just noticed you say you are travelling 2010 not 2009 is this a senior moment or are you indeed Not departing in 3wks time?


Eileen & Chris

Wed, 01/28/2009 - 18:58

Hi Eileen and Chris,
That line only says 2010 because the computer options here didn't give me 2009. Yes, we'll see you soon. We're trying to find out the meeting time in Kochi, but haven't heard back from Exodus yet. Since you all arrive together, it won't be a problem for you. We want to tmake sure we join you for the city tour that day. Funny no one else on the tour is using this meeting site.
Judy and Mike

Wed, 01/28/2009 - 19:14

Hi Judy & Mike,
I'm relieved about that - as far as I know our flight gets into Kochi at 06.00 local time so I don't think the organised tour will be too early! Probably late afternoon I'd guess unless they want to carry us while we doze!
Perhaps all our other fellow travellers are working their fingers to the bone & not able to spend time by the computer like us.

Eileen G

Thu, 01/29/2009 - 17:43

Hi Eileen,
We just heard from Exodus. The city tour is at noon....maybe a wee bit early for you night travelers. We look forward to meeting you and Chris.

Tue, 02/10/2009 - 20:55

Hello there,

We are Mike and Brenda from the North East of England. Like Judy and Mike we have been to Northern India but this is will be our first trip to the South.

We look forwarding to meeting you all.

Mike and Brenda Darbey

Tue, 02/10/2009 - 21:37

Hi Mike & Brenda,
Are you flying from the North or are you flying from Heathrow? We are still hoping the weather won't cause us too much trouble getting to UK from France before trying to get to Heathrow. A friend here was keeping his fingers crossed last night as he was due to fly to Montreal today from Toulouse & last night they had closed Roissy in Paris where he was due to change planes today! See you soon!
Eileen G

Thu, 02/12/2009 - 12:09

Hi Eileen, Yes we are flying from Heathrow too.

We have been lucky here in Monkseaton, most of the snow and bad weather has missed us until today! It started snowing this morning. We are hoping it won't go on for too long.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for next weekend.

Brenda and Mike

Fri, 02/13/2009 - 18:27

We are joining the trip at Heathrow. An early start but we look forward to meeting some of you there and will catch up with the rest in due course.Looking forward to leaving this freezing weather. pleased to see some travellers from other countries will be with us.
John & Sheila

Tue, 02/17/2009 - 08:51

Well we managed to get back to UK. A speeding Belgium, on his way home presumably, cracked our windscreen just after Chris uttered the comment "Well its been a pretty uneventful drive so far" Just have to get our assembled packed items past the "fashion police" aka our 2 daughters & we're ready for the off! See you all soon Eileen & Chris G

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