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Kilimanjaro - Northern Circuit

Wed, 01/21/2009 - 20:19

Just thought I'd drop by and say "hi" to anyone who is booked on this too.  I'm pretty excited - have been for months - and it's hard to believe we'll be off in less than 4 weeks. 

Sun, 01/25/2009 - 20:44

Hello Big Eric, I am going on the same trip and i can understand your excitement. i haven't been on any trips like this before what about you?


My walking up mountian experiances are in Snowdownia and the Lakes, I've also done some sking in the alps but never gone as high as kili. Where have you been at altitude before, was the sickness bad?
I am hopeing that my fittness is up to it.

Fri, 01/30/2009 - 18:55

Well, truth be told this will be my second attempt. I tried 3 years back, and was one of only 2 out of 24 that didn't make it, so thought I'd try again. I got as far as heading for the summit on the last night, but had to turn back after less than an hour. So I've been to about 15000ft. The whole experience was absolutely fantastic, hence I've no hesitation in trying again. Saying all that, I don't want to come across as "Been there, done that", hence my reticence: parts of the route overlap, but a large part doesn't and I'm just thrilled about the while thing. As I said before, every trip is different, and I'm looking forward to meeting a load of new people.

As for hills, well, I've never walked in the Lakes, been to Snowdonia once, but have spent a bit of time in the Southern Uplands in Scotland, and bits and pieces in the Highlands and Norway. Most of my walking is low level stuff because, living in Oxfordshire as I do, I don't have a lot of choice!

Tue, 02/03/2009 - 21:39

Hi I have been reading your comments for a few days but for some reason I have not been able to join in. Any way it now seems I can. I am also going on this trip and although I am very excited I am also very aprehensive having never done anything like this before. I love walking in England and Scotland but have never done anything at high altitude before so anything could happen!!

Thu, 02/05/2009 - 20:32

Hello Big Jo welcome to the chat. I spent last weekand in snowdonia, it was fantastic. lots of snow and ice on the tops and quite clear skies. it was very windy at times and I had to retreat from one mountain because I couldn't keep upright. I think i'm fit enough for Killi but I'm concerned about the alltitude. Have you got any tips or insights into what to take on the trip Eric. 10 days to go and I'm worried that i have forgoten something.

Fri, 02/06/2009 - 11:38

This may help. On Exodus forum Destinations-Asia-Altitude Sickness. Kili is a cracker. Summitted on my 53rd birthday. Enjoy, you lucky people.

Fri, 02/06/2009 - 19:16

Hi Guys, I have been doing a bit of walking in the Lakes and I was in Fort William a couple of weeks ago so got a couple of days on the snowy hills up there, great fun. I have had a look at the kit list that Eric advised and it looks great, thanks for that. I got my Exodus kit bag the other day so I can have a trial pack now. I had been feeling reasonably fit till this week when I have started with a cold, typical, so I am trying to look after myself to make sure I get back to form for next week. Are either of you starting the trip at Heathrow or meeting in Africa? Also I'm not sure how much money to take (US Dollars) have either of you any advise?

Fri, 02/06/2009 - 21:14

The kit list was useful thanks. I'm going from Heathrow and i am taking about $300 mainly for visa and tips.I know i have 2 lunches to pay for and hopefully some celabratory beer!

Sun, 02/08/2009 - 09:38

I'm taking a hundred more than that, mostly because I still have to get my visa, which I'll do on arrival. Might need some extra for souvenirs too. Only beer though? Surely some fizzy pop too? :o)

Sun, 02/08/2009 - 19:36

I have just fineshed my final long walk on the south downs in preperation. I have read that it is a good thing to take light weight trainers for use in camp is this right.

Sun, 02/08/2009 - 20:33

I just cleaned my boots! Lazy or what? The downs must have been lovely - plenty of snow and ice still? You definitely need something else for your feet other than boots - you can't wear them all the time. I've a pair of Merrell walking shows, but I've seen people with trainers etc. Air fresheners for them are a really good idea too!

Mon, 02/09/2009 - 18:50

The snow on the downs has all gone, the recent weather has left them slippery all over and muddy on the lower paths. But it was still good exersice and good views.We have had heavy rain all day today.
I have a pair of Merrell shoes too, I will use them. Are you going from Heathrow, if you are i shall look out for a big black Exodus bag.

Tue, 02/10/2009 - 08:43

Yes, I'm flying from Heathrow on Monday. How about we meet in the JD Wetherspoon's bar in the Departure lounge, say at 1730? We've been told to check in by 4, so that should give us plenty of time. How easy will it be to spot people with rucksacks and wearing walking boots? I'll also upload a picture to my profile here, if that helps...

Wed, 02/11/2009 - 15:30

I too am going from Heathrow, I am flying down from Leeds/Bradford at about lunchtime so all being well I will be up for meeting at Wetherspoons at 1730. I haven't got the technology to put a photo on but I will be wearing a red and orange jacket so I should stick out! Unfortunately due to illness I have not been able to do any last minute training but I should be well rested and over the lurgey by the big day, my Dr said I wouldn't need my voice for walking anyway, I suppose she has a point. I am taking trainers providing they fit in when I do my test pack tonight, fingers crossed if not I'll go for the Merrell sandals. I am now getting very excited and am counting down the days. Looking forward to meeting up with you soon for the big adventure!

Wed, 02/11/2009 - 19:48

Wetherspoons at 5.30 it is. On the advise of my wife I am not walking this weekend, the ground is very muddy and slippery down here in the south, so best avoide any risk of turning an ankle or knee (I've cleaned my boots as well). I think i have everything I need now, it's all been packed once but I'm sure I've missed something.

Wed, 02/11/2009 - 20:23

Seems like we have a plan! I'm looking forward to meeting you guys - and anyone else who's watching this thread and not logging in! Good idea not to do anything this weekend Uffon: if you're not ready now, you never will be! Jo - sounds like you'll be easy to spot if you're wearing that jacket! Enjoy your weekend folks - the big day is nearly upon us :o)

Fri, 02/13/2009 - 11:02

Uffon, mmm that photo really helps, I'm sure we'll recognise you straight away?!! You guys have made me feel really guilty talking of cleaning boots, I will be going straight home from work tonight to do mine. Go carfully this weekend and see you Monday.

Fri, 02/13/2009 - 19:45

The only real reason I cleaned mine is that I'll be wearing them on the plane - keeps the weight of your hold luggage down - and wouldn't want to offend anyone who sits too close! Have a good weekend all. BTW - Much better photos...

Sun, 02/15/2009 - 13:57

Hi there folks. I'm also going on this trip too. I'm flying down from Edinburgh tonight, so already have most of my gear packed.

I managed to fit my day pack, and all my stuff, inside my kit bag. Unfortunately, I hadn't thought about packing trainers so might have to take them on as hand luggage!

Big Erik and I already know each other from a previous adventure, so I'll be at the meeting point too. Look forward to seeing you all...

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