Kili 1st July

Hi, I've just booked Kili Rongai route 1st July - it looks like I'm the only girl....and I'm terrified!!  Would be great to hear from one of my fellow travellers to put my mind at ease...

Well I had to cancel aerobics as had a fuzzy head!  Note to self, mustn't drink night before aerobics!

Clare, glad ankle is ok.  Like you, my work has gone crazy so the exercise has dwindled, but will do something later today and tomo.

No kit bag yet.  Was going to take my large rucksack and my 30L daysack.  I'm not sure, but I thought you leave your own big rucksack at the hotel, transferring your stuff for the climb into the kit bag for the porters to carry, and carry your own small one with your bits and bobs.  i dont think the porters carry your rucksack as a rucksack, think they carry lots of stuff.  But I could hve got this totall wrong.

I am very excited, but nervous too.  still loads of stuff to get.  wanted to organise my Visa too but prob too late now.

E x


I too got my kit bag this weeekend, and was surprised at the size!  Having spoken to Exodus, I know that the porters do not like to carry rucksacks, preferring holdalls, that they can carry on their heads.  I'm travelling with my husband, and plan at the moment is to have our usual large rucksack that goes everywhere with me (we'll leave bits and pieces in this when on the mountain), and then one kit bag (they seem nice and sturdy for the hold of a plane, and we can pack the 2nd one inside ready to fill prior to the climb).  We'll also have our day packs too. 

Elaine, I have decided to leave my visa to the airport - I have been told by several people (inc Exodus) that provided you have a British passport, it is really easy to get a visa on arrival, just handing over US$50.

 Anyway, I'm feeling slightly more virtuous this morning having spent a fair bit of time in the gym this weekend - the legs really felt it this morning climbing my 5 flights of stairs and I may have to resort to the lift at lunch time!!

 Claire x

Claire, that makes me a bit less stressed....I would have liked to have sorted it but so many other things to sort.  Do you know how much money we should be taking?

I managed to make aerobics tonight, which is good.  Boots still an issue, I bought a fab pair of Scarpa's at weekend but not convinced.  It seems that I have one size 6 foot and one size 5.  and therein the problem lies!  What works for one is wrong for the other.  But I guess I'm better going big on the small foot than small on the big one?!!

Ricky - when did you say your last exam is?  You seem so organised considering you have all of that to stress about.  I wish I wasn't such a last minute bird, lol.

I got a card from the post office today so say they have a parcel for me - I guess it must be my kit bag?

On the drugs, i've started to take my ginkgo bilbao daily, have read that they're pretty good.  Am going to take the Diowotsits with me and take if (or when!) needed, my doctor was really anti it, but i guess i don't react well to alot of drugs hence I tend to stick to herbal things and take the hard stuff when necessary.  Apparently they make you need the toilet frequently, which is a nightmare when you go every 5 seconds anyway!!

 Am getting quite excited now....I've been wanting to do this for a year and have finally summoned up the courage.  Every time i stress i just think about standing at the top.  Can't wait for that moment! :-)


hi elaine, i wonder my self to be honest lol but im not sure, might just be me.

but i've got a level law end of next week which i seriously cannot be bothered with but there we go ha. im glad your almost their with your boots problem though. i keep wondering if im travelling to light but have to wait and see.

on the money front im planning on taking 175 pounds worth of tz and about £50. should be more than enough but i was always wanting to pay the porters quite well as they get very little. but presume most will be spent on tips. we've only got to pay for one meal aswell which will cost nothing.

but my only worry is ive run out of money lol , might have to cancel a much awaited night out in huddersfield to buy some malaria tablets but hopefully i'll be able to sort something out. however, we'll see.

do we hear from exodus in the next couple of weeks anyways?? im presuming we do as they'll be issuing flight tickets and much need information.

Hi Ricky, best of luck with the law exam, having done law as part of my drgree many moons ago, and now working for a law firm, i don't envy you!

I agree with you on the tipping front.

Actually discovered something odd today too - I'm staying at a different hotel from the one you mentioned.  Yours looks much nicer!  My details say I'm at the Kilimanjaro Resort Hotel in Moshi (meant to be very basic) but i'm sure yours is in Marangu?  Strange.



oh right or may be wrong. do remember hearing about that one though but i imagine we'll be all in the same resort. probably me anyways. and yes i cant see myself spending much in tanzania other than trip related stuff. ready to go now anyways!! :)


just found quite an interesting weather update for kilimanjaro from freezing level is at 4500m at the moment and from 9th june to 15th, average temperature including wind chill on summit is approx -12oc, so not to cold then! lol


Hi Ricky,

       I have got the impression from the travel notes that we should be taking U.S.$ instead of sterling, e.g. they say it costs $50 for a visa at the airport and they refer to tipping in terms of $. I am going to ring Exodus to see what they recommend taking in Tanzanian currency, if needed at all. Many African countries prefer $ instead of local currency, because of the perceived strength of the dollar. Also I will check if the 20kg hold luggage limit is exclusive of what is allowed for cabin luggage (usually an additional 5kg). I will report back any info I receive from Exodus.


Regards, Kevin




Exodus have confirmed that it is better to take U.S. $ and you can convert this to local currency (if required) after you arrive. You can take an additional 5kg as hand luggage on top of the 20kg hold luggage limit.

Did the Fairfield Horseshoe with my son yesterday and it was a warm 75 degree day, he wore his 4 season scarpa mountaineering boots which are a very comfortable fit, but it was far to warm on his feet. He will definately be taking his fabric boots instead of the heavy boots for the KIli trip or he would have to wring out his socks after the end of the day!.


been playing around with all my clothing and equipment today with all of it scattered round the house, seems to be an awful lot with very little room for it all. i thought i was travelling fairly light aswell lol anyone not opted to get malaria tablets? jw, think i might just get the cheaper ones anyways but be good to hear from someone else, have no money whatsoever atm which is annoying considering the trip is a week away!!


I have a whole new two week supply of Chloroquine & Proguanil anti-malerials from Boots which I can post  to you if you are a bit strapped for cash?  You have to take them a week before entering a malerial zone, but that's fine as we don't get there til Thursday and I can post today/tomo.  I got them for Nepal but didn't get on with them, but I don't react well to lots of things and I think most people are fine with them.  I have gone for malerone this time and test driven them first, they are the £3 ones.

Anyway, If you want them, just let me know.

I did 15 miles in my new boots at the weekend!  They are 3 season leather Scarpa's so a tad on the heavy side, and soles a bit stiff, though I think they will come into their own further up.  It's a bit of a trade off really as ideally you need two pairs of boots for lower down and higher up. Also, i had to go for a bigger size than normal to allow for my 4 season Brasher socks.  Again, this could mean I get very warm feet lower down.  I have another pair which are more comfortable and lighter, but much more flex on the sole.  Hmm.....

I am excited but very nervous as well, half my battle is the flying, so if I can get over that bit i'm on my way, lol!  Wish I'd had more time for my fitness but hey ho.


I've also seen someone is selling a slightly different variety on ebay for £4 buy it now.  just search on 'chloroquine'.  You need to cheque which ones work in which regions.  Anyway, must fly.



or8 thank you for the offer, i think im going to get some today though. have a feeling my parents will want to see some form of malaria tablets aswell before i leave but cheers anyways. Also, im on quite abit of medication at the moment due to me not feeling very well so i'll have to have word with my doctor.

glad you've sorted your boot problem out and yes i'll be at the gym all week unfortunately putting in the hard yards!

Read your discussions on boots and socks. (slow day at work!!!) Have a look for 1000 mile socks in Milletts or Blacks. They are double layered so therefore no need to buy a liner sock, and you can get them in light or heavy weight. Used 'em on Kili myself back in 2005 and loads of other treks and they are excellent. Good luck to you all on Kili-it is an awesome trek and reaching the summit is a WOW experience..


anyone struggling to pack? anyone managed to cram everything into the exodus bag aswell as their daysack?


Aye, struggling away here. I've had to pack more in my day sack than I would have liked. All part of the fun I guess!!

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