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clothing for winter walking

Tue, 12/09/2008 - 12:09

I'm going on the winter walking in Trins trip in january and not sure about clothing...

I walk mainly in the UK in the peak district and generally go for thin layers in winter (never in a thick jacket as I get too hot) but I'm guessing I'll need to walk in a thick jacket and trousers with a couple of layers underneath. Ski trousers? Or just thick walking trousers? I'm assuming my normal Goretex walking boots will be OK. Also I'm sure I read somewhere that there was the opportunity to go snowshoeing on our day off, but now I can't find where it said that. If so, what clothes would be most appropriate for that? I'm sure some of this is in the final instructions but I haven't received them yet and the shops are running out of winter walking stuff already!


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