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Arctic Spitzbergen Photo Trip - 28th June 08

Sat, 07/12/2008 - 11:30

Hi All

Thanks for a great voyage.  I've had a couple of shots blown up to A1 size and framed.  I also have a nice A3 frame of a blank sheet of paper hanging to remind me of the day I shot the bear without a memory card.

We've started a group on Facebook where photos are being uploaded so if you want to join to look me up (Murrough O'Brien) and if you went on the trip, we'll add you to the group.

 Read Simon's article in Independent Today.  Great article, and then the paper runs an 'Ivory trade resumes' as its headline story.



Hi,  I tried to look you up on facebook but found five with your name and I am not sure which one you are.  My photots from the trip are on my facebook page.  Sarah Dawes and my profile picture is of me and husky dogs from my recent trips.


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