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Marrakesh & The Sahara

Mon, 06/02/2008 - 19:24

Overall an excellent trip although there is a lot of travelling.  Hardly a day when we weren't in the bus for 3 hours at least.

Here's some handy hints for the next lot to do this trip (we were late May)

Take Euros if you want to buy coffee in the airport on the internal stopover - they don't take sterling!

You will need a fleece and/or a warm jacket for the mountains but a 3 season sleeping bag was plenty. Both the gite and the desert tent have extra blankets if you need them.

Take that waterless hand gel stuff - it's indispensable.

Boots are recommended - especially if you do the optional longer walk from the gite.

Marrakesh & Essouira are much more relaxed about clothing - you can wear shorts and vest tops with no problem. However this isn't true anywhere else so do take the right type of clothing.

I'll stop now to let the others from this trip have their say!


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