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The Pool at Feelviana

Exodus Edits: R&R - Where to Go to Reset

Rest and Recuperation. Properly switching off. Just imagine that for a moment. When’s the last time you did it? In our digitally-driven, frenetically-paced world, it’s not something we’re always good at.

But true R&R doesn’t have to be about doing anything on a beach for a week. It should be about turning the spotlight onto yourself, trying something new, spending some time nourishing your body with good food, good sleep, and good exercise. Step forward Greece, Portugal and Costa Rica – three of our favourite destinations for pressing the reset button. We dare you to put your out of the office on, flick your phone to aeroplane mode and commit to some serious R&R…

 and breathe


Digital Detox in Portugal

Picture this: a surf-chic bolthole nestled between forest and ocean on Portugal’s Costa Verde. Stripped back décor with soft linens. The smell of pine. The sound of the sea. The feel of sunshine on your skin (and dare we say it - a touch of smugness when you think of your co-workers back in the office). At FeelViana, days start with nutritious breakfasts, followed by cycle rides to waterfalls and lagoons, or out on the open water – just you and a surfboard.  It might be an opportunity to try something new, like SUP or wakeboarding (the hotel has its own wake park), or pick up a long-forgotten hobby because, well, life got too busy. Our Digital Detox in Portugal trip includes a revitalising yoga class and decadent treatment in the spa too. Four nights of pure me-time.

Cycling in Portugal


Castaway in Greece

The old proverb goes, “a change is as good as a rest”, and we whole-heartedly concur. A week on-board a skippered yacht exploring the Greek Islands can do the world of good for the weary. Switch your flat for a boat, railways for seaways, an office for islands, and grey drizzle for sunnier climes. It’ll feel a million miles from the relentless commute-work-commute routine. You’ll visit quixotic Hydra, the vehicle-less island, for hiking, beaches and sunshine. Spend time diving into azure waters from the yacht and feasting on fresh Greek food in good company.  Cycle around Spetses to hidden coves and pristine sands. Swim and snorkel off of Aegina. It’s an adventure with the perfect balance of time to kick back with time to explore, move your body, and expand your mind. You’ll return home invigorated. 

Poros in Greece


The Best of Both Worlds in Costa Rica

Tempted by some proper downtime, but know you’re too restless to fully succumb to doing absolutely zilch? Then our Rainforest & Restful Retreats in Costa Rica has you covered. We balanced this trip with some serious thrills (think navigating Grade II rapids down the Rio Celeste and ziplining through the rainforest). But you’ll also spend time easing yourself into a thermal pool and applying volcanic mud masks in Rincon de la Vieja. Post jungle explorations, you’ll head to Costa Rica’s paradisiacal coast for dolphin spotting, sunset chasing and beach BBQs. You’ll return home invigorated. And isn’t that the point of decent R&R?

Volcanic Mud Masque

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