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Exodus Edits: Best Holidays for Solo Travellers

Best Holidays for Solo Travellers in their 30s & 40s

Solo travel is having a moment. And the most enthusiastic adopters of this trend are those aged 35-44. Last year saw an 11% increase in solo travel among this age bracket - the highest increase of any age group. But why? Being in charge of our own holiday apparently - 92% of us choose to travel solo because it means we do can do what we want.

Hallelujah, we say! Life is filled with compromise. And quite often that means a compromise on our holidays too. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Our Edit trips allow you to pick a holiday that really sings to you. And the special thing about them is that they been carefully curated to give you the best of a country in a short time. Because time is something most of us don’t have a lot of.

If you want to start planning your next trip away, you might be wondering about the best destinations for singles. Is there an island somewhere where the single travellers are hanging out, instead of the resort filled with families you ended up at last year? If you’re looking for holidays for singles under 40, or indeed under 50, our Edit trips give you the best of both worlds: a holiday ‘by yourself’, but with a small group of like-minded people who are up for the same holiday as you. Fun times and adventure await!
So, to start you off, allow us to give you some inspiration…

Wildlife and wonders in Costa Rica

Featuring in ABTA’s 2019 Destinations to Watch list, this tropical paradise is perfect for those looking to bond over a shared love of nature. This spectacularly diverse eco-system accounts for around 5% of the world’s plant and animal species, including mantled howler monkeys, sloths and countless frogs, lizards and birds that are native to Costa Rica alone. The government’s commitment to conserving this rich land of flora and fauna – around 25% of it is protected – and of promoting ecotourism means that you can enjoy it as nature intended.

And with dramatic volcanoes, idyllic beaches with golden sands and turquoise waters, verdant rainforests and lush mangroves, there’s no shortage of beautiful backdrops at which to relax or explore.

There are plenty of opportunities for thrill seekers to bond with like-minded individuals on an Edits trip to Costa Rica. Whether it’s zip lining through the jungle, river tubing on the Rio Celeste or hiking through a volcanic national park, you’ll have lots of exciting experiences to recount over a guaro sour at the end of each day.

People by a river in Costa Rica

Relax and revitalise in Portugal

Feeling a bit jaded? The weather and (your complexion) looking a bit grey?

A stay at FeelViana, a health and wellbeing hotel and spa in Portugal’s lush Costa Verde, could be just what you need to destress, reinvigorate and reset. And the best thing is, you’d only need to take three days off work to do it.

Whether it’s challenging yourself on a 70km bike ride up Monte de Santa Luzia and along the rugged coastline, paddleboarding on the warm Mediterranean waters, or enjoying yoga sessions and spa treatments, this holiday is dedicated to the serious business of recharging yourself.
If you want more adventure, you can learn to surf, wakeboard and kitesurf. Or maybe you’d just prefer to catch up on your sleep? It’s up to you.
Add to this some nourishing food and a Vitamin D top up and you’ll be ready to get back to normal life and hit the ground running.

Surfing in Portugal

A Nepalese adventure

For pinch-yourself views, charming hospitality and opportunities to challenge yourself, if you’re thinking about the best holidays for solo travellers, Nepal is hard to beat.

Nepal is a diverse and contrasting country, where you can re-centre and revitalise, chill and thrill, all in one holiday. Hang out in colourful and chaotic Kathmandu, with its bustling streets, intoxicating smells and multicoloured ramshackle buildings. Explore the bazaars, sample the street food and admire the unique and spectacular architecture, such as the white dome and gilded spire of the Swayambhunath stupa. From there, head into the countryside to begin a four-day trek in the lower foothills of the Annapurnas. Taking in the diverse scenery of the mountain range, you’ll pass rivers, forests and rice fields and explore local villages on this epic trek, ending with a well-deserved break at a spa hotel to soothe those aching, but happy limbs.

Street in Kathmandu

Eating and drinking in Italy

Wine, food and the geniality of the locals make the northeast region of Italy a pleasure seeker’s paradise. The lesser-known walled city of Treviso offers some of the same charms as Venice – canals, Renaissance palazzi and beautiful squares - but in a smaller, and less crowded package. You can happily while away an afternoon exploring the narrow, cobbled streets before relaxing with a pre-dinner spritz.

Speaking of which, this part of Italy is known for its fine wine and the ubiquitous Prosecco. The Glera grape used to make Prosecco is grown in the lush green rolling hills of Valdobbiadene, just under an hour’s drive from Treviso. It’s definitely worth a trip to see the spectacular landscape and of course, partake in a glass or two of the bubbly stuff while you’re there.

If you fancy getting on two wheels,cycling the Prosecco hills is a fantastic way to see the area. A steep climb to the picturesque hilltop villages of Rolle and Resera is rewarded with sweeping views of the vineyards. Then brace yourself for the swooshing descent down to the tranquil shores of Laghi di Revine. Replenish those spent calories with a delicious farmhouse dinner freshly prepared for you. Buon appetito!

Prosecco hills and vineyards

With our curated trips, it’s easy to go from work presentation to paddleboarding in Portugal; reading your children a bedtime story to experiencing the fairytale-like magic of Petra. If you need any more inspiration, why not get in touch? Our friendly travel experts will be happy to give you ideas or help you start planning your trip.

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