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Exodus Edits: Why Group Holidays Are Ideal for Solo Travellers

“I’ve always dreamed of going travelling, but I don’t have anyone to go with.” It’s a common complaint among working professionals who are eager to explore – yet it needn’t be. If you’re itching for adventure but don’t have the time to plan one, you could always book onto a group holiday. Ask anyone who’s been on one, and they’ll most likely tell you that it’s the best holiday option out there.

Embark on a group holiday as a solo traveller, and you’re bound to return home with heaps of happy memories and a strong group of friends. So, why not seize this opportunity? Let’s explore the key reasons why group holidays are perfect for solo and single travellers…

No need to wait around for someone else!

“Let’s travel the world!” Most of us have vowed to do this with a close friend at some point in our lives. But unless you’re all expert planners, it can be hard for two or more people to actually set aside a specific time period for travel. Very often, our vague plans fade as a result, further fuelling our desire for an unforgettable holiday. Join onto a group holiday as a solo traveller, though, and you won’t have to wait around for your friends – you’ll be accompanied by fellow explorers throughout your trip!

Two women planning a holiday

It’s perfect for professionals

Is your work life consuming precious holiday planning time? Have you always meant to pick a destination, but have become preoccupied with a deadline or crucial task? If the answer to either question is yes, then a group holiday could be just what you need. With our Edits trips you’re guaranteed to find a schedule that suits you perfectly, whether it’s a trip to Peru or a romp across Europe. No need to take time out of your busy routine to organise a holiday – we can do it all for you. Once you’ve booked your dream trip, all that’s left to do is pack.

Rainbow mountain in Peru

You’ll be firmly out of your comfort zone – and that’s a good thing!

As much as we all love the comfort zone, stay there for too long, and you’ll struggle to find opportunities to grow as a person. That’s why it’s crucial to venture out of it from time to time. And as practically any seasoned explorer will attest, spending time away as a solo traveller is one the best ways to do this.

Visit somewhere new alone, and you won’t have the comfort of being able to stick with your friends – if you want company, you’ll have to go out and seek it. Though it may seem scary at first, doing so will most likely boost your confidence, as well as your inter-personal skills. Book onto a group holiday, and you’ll be able to meet likeminded people from the word go. Who knows what bonds could ensue from all those treks, tours and other extraordinary activities that you get up to?

Likewise, if you think you’ll fancy some time alone during your trip, don’t worry…

Group of friends walking on tree trunk

You’re free to enjoy time alone whenever you need it

Group holidays can be personally valuable for everyone involved – but let’s not forget that we can all benefit from alone time every now and then. This is especially true when it comes to holidays. One of the numerous benefits is that their schedules provide time for solo travel. Whether you’re on anAmalfi Coast tour or a mountainous trip, you can explore the gems of your destination either with others or by yourself.

As most group holiday packages offer daily schedules, you’ll likely have the evening to yourself – whether you choose to spend it getting to know your travel companions or enjoying quality time alone is completely up to you.

Swimming in the blue sea of Amalfi coast

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