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Exodus Edits: Adventure Bound, Not Desk Bound in 2022

There’s a world out there – remember it? The one where the oceans glitter, the deserts are hot and vast, and where wildlife roams freely. Of course, it’s all too easy to forget that feeling of being out amongst it when you’ve been desk-bound for so long. We’re issuing a rallying cry - it’s time to get adventure bound. Escape the humdrum and seize control. Make a new type of to-do list and put some different challenges at the top. Here are five to get you started. 



Take a Digital Detox in Portugal and step away from the screens. This trip is your chance to try something new and completely tech-free. Try surfing or SUP on the rugged coastlines with some expert guidance from the guys at FeelViana, the perfect escapist spot on Costa Verde. Biking through the forests will clear your head, and some yoga and spa-time will press that inner re-set button.

Camp in the desert

ufo camp

As you gaze skywards under the cover of night in the Jordanian desert, your humble WFH set-up will feel even further away than the 3000 miles you are from home. On our Desert to Dead Sea in Jordan trip, you’ll have the chance to stay in an incredible luxury desert camp in the Wadi Rum UFO Camp. This collection of geodesic dome pods makes the landscape look lunar, befitting the canopy of stars that emerge at dusk.

Spike your adrenaline


Time to awaken those senses, too long neglected by sedentary desk time. We thought about it and decided that nothing quite kickstarts the sensory system than canyoning in Turkey, where you’ll abseil and plunge into the chilly river water. Our Sports & Sundowners in Turkey trip up the ante. Not only will you swing with wild abandon through the Kibris Canyon, but you’ll also spend a day kayaking on the sea, take a jeep safari through canyon country, and cycle through a cedar forest. Now, how’s that for adventure?

Think big

giant sequoia

If Yosemite isn’t already on your bucket list, then boy, it should be. It’s a land of spellbinding sights, not least the giant forests with surreally towering sequoia trees. The tallest tree in the world, General Sherman, is in these parts. When you’re out this way on a Sequoias & SUP in California trip, you’ll hike the Mist Trail, a seven-mile route that reveals some of Yosemite’s sweeping vistas and thundering falls.

Go off-grid


Swap remote working for remote scenery. Far from the trappings of Zoom and Teams, a trip to Nepal gives you all those adventures you’ve missed by the bucket-load, from wild and rugged Himalayan treks to exhilarating river rafting. You’ll venture into the marshlands and grasslands of Chitwan National Park to spot Indian one-horned rhinos, monkeys, elephants, and elusive leopards.

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