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Giza in Egypt

Exodus Edits: 7 Awesome Adventures to Kickstart Your 2021

Adventure means different things to different people. Climbing a mountain might be the ultimate conquest for some. Chasing adrenaline spikes from extreme sports for others. Then again, the chance to try some world-class food and wine is where adventure lies. And of course, there’s the adventure of simply trying something new or different. What kind of adventurer are you, and where will it take you in 2022?


1. The one for snowy swashbucklers

Icelandic Geysers

If getting wrapped up in daring glacial escapades is your flavor of adventure, Iceland is your playground. Our Aurora & Adventure in Iceland trip is a five-day whirlwind of snowy hikes and quad bike thrills over volcanic sand. You’ll search for geysers, soak in geothermal hot creeks, and visit the iconic Blue Lagoon.


2. The one for hedonists

Mount Abang

For extra special treats and pampering, Sunrises & Summits in Bali piles on the decadence. Dance in chic beach clubs, mix cocktails in fancy hotels. Lounge on a sunbed by an incredible infinity pool and toast a sunrise with a glass of fizz after conquering a volcano climb. This is the Bali adventure!


 3. The one for wine aficionados

Wine Tasting in South Africa

Does pairing shiraz and chocolate, and chardonnay and cheese sound like your kind of adventure? Our eight-day Cabernet & Capers in South Africa trip has you covered. But it’s much more besides sampling delicious vinos. You’ll scramble up Table Mountain, cycle to Boulder’s Beach to see a penguin colony, and sandboard over Atlantis Dunes.


4.  The one for legend lovers

Giza in Egypt

Are you captivated by the intrigue and mysteries of the past? Delve into history on a nine-day Pyramids & Pharaohs of Egypt trip. Immerse yourself in ancient Egypt, with visits to Giza, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Temples of Abu Simbel, Luxor, and Valley of the Kings. Slide through the Western Desert of Egypt in style, Sandboarding, adventure near the pyramids quad biking, and kayak on the Nile. The thrills on Edits are unrivaled!


5. The one for thrill-seekers

Zipline in Costa Rica

If testing your limits and flooding your body with adrenaline is what a great vacation means to you, look no further than Costa Rica. Our Rainforest & Restful Retreats in Costa Rica trip packs in high octane activities. You’ll try river tubing, night hiking, rainforest ziplining and surfing. It was only right that we balanced out the thrills with long soaks in thermal baths and a catamaran trip to search for turtles and dolphins.


6. The one for gourmands

Cannoli Dessert

How does Italian gelato, Sicilian Street food, cannoli pastries and granita sound? If it’s delicious cuisine that stirs your wanderlust, then take a jaunt through Sicily or take a memorable 4X4 ride across Mount Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano! Our Street Food & Sunshine in Sicily trip could be the tonic you need to recover from the pandemic perils. 


7. The one for fearless adventurers

Ride a Camel in Jordan

Clamber through deep forests. Take a jeep safari over a red-sand desert. Ride a camel. Climb a mountain to reach the ultimate viewpoints. Sleep under the stars in a dome pod at a UFO camp. If you want raw adventure, Jordan has it in spades. Our Desert to Dead Sea in Jordan is an action-packed journey through a fascinating and beautiful country.

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