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Mljet Island

5 Ways to Become a True Croatian on Your Next Trip

We’re often asked is Croatia a good place for a holiday. And we often answer, “heck yeah!” I mean, who wouldn’t want to wet their whistle with local wines, cycle through a forest-shrouded island and tuck into tasty Dalmatian dishes? Croatia has it all: stunning coastal scenery, historic old towns and vibrant culture.  

Although Croatia is relatively small, it sure packs an almighty punch. If you want to maximise the most of your annual leave and cram as much as you can into one trip, one of the best ways to cover more ground is on our 5-day biking trip. Cycling in Croatia will see you freewheeling through national parks, Malvazija vineyards and fishing villages. So, no need to worry about all that food and wine you’ll be consuming. 

Whether you want a last-minute summer getaway, an autumn break or a trip to look forward to for next year, whatever the season, Croatia has something up its sleeve to win you over.  

Want to speak the cultural language of CroatiaHere are five must-do adventures for your next trip… 

 Olive Oil Tasting Shop in Peljesac

 1. Visit Natura Dalmatia and grab a bottle of olive oil  

It’s no secret that true Croatians love their olives. Natura Dalmatia in Peljesacis a producer of the finest olive oil and pays testament to the passion that’s been passed down for generations.If you don’t sample the oils and pick up a bottle on the way out, are you really a Croat? And make sure you browse their other products too: brandy, spices, cosmetics and liqueur.  


Mljet Island

2. Get your heart racing as you cycle through the Instagrammable island of Mljet 

With so much to do and so many places in Croatia worth seeing, you probably don’t know where to start. We can help with that! Many people head straight to Dubrovnik, understandably. But there are so many more places tucked away that you might never think of visiting. Take the island of Mljet for example. Many discerning travellers who seek unspoilt places believe this to be the best part of Croatia for a holiday. According to legend, the enchanting forests and tranquil ambience of Mljetcaptivated Odysseus for seven years. Make sure you pack your swimming costume because those shimmering waters will be calling your name after you’ve worked up a sweat on your bike. 

 Malvazija Vineyards

3. Say živjeli with a local tasting in the Malvazija vineyards 

Konavle lies on the border of Bosnia and Montenegro and is home to sprawling Malvazija vineyards. Malvazijareflects the fiery passion that Croats have for winemaking. So it would be rude not to taste those Mediterranean flavours and inhale the fruity aromas -Živjeli! (To life!) October is the best time of year to visit Croatia for the grape harvest and if this doesn’t tempt you to book an autumn trip to Croatia, we don’t know what will!  


Ston Salt Works

4. Pass the salt at Ston Salt Works on the Peljesac Peninsula 

In more recent years Ston and Mali Ston have been hot on the lips of the cultured foodie crowd. And while the Peljesac Peninsula is known for its beautiful scenery, it’s the defensive walls, oysters and salt that draw in the visitorsThe Ston Salt Works are the oldest and best-preserved in the Mediterranean and you’ll learn about the history of production process before exploring the evaporation pans and factory.  



5. Dine Dalmatian style in the marbled streets of Dubrovnik  

You might be wondering how many days in Croatia is enough. Well, let’s just say that you could spend a week in Dubrovnik alone. There’s no denying the architecture and scenery are pretty amazing but it’s the foodie scene that really gets you salivating – and we’ll show you the best places to go. From restaurants with a view to breezy bistros lining the old town, the dining Dalmatian style will pervade your senses. Unsurprisingly, given its coastal setting, seafood is a huge hit in the city. Bruschetta with anchovies, mussel buzara (stew), black risotto, and Pašticada are all up there on the tastiness scale. And of course, you can’t leave without sampling a glass or two of Malvazija wine. 


If this has got you itching to book a trip to Croatia, find out more about our Cycling in Croatia trip here. 

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