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Tue, 05/07/2013 - 09:47

Hi, Going on the southern Tanzania safari 16 Oct 2013. I am not sure whether to send my passport to the Tanzania high commission in London or to get my visa on arrival in Tanzania. Not particularly fond of the idea of sending my passport away but on the other hand I wouldn't want to keep my fellow travellers waiting in Tanzania.
Welcome any advice.

Thu, 05/09/2013 - 21:21


Im going to Kenya in Oct and im planning on getting my visa in advance. For the same reason as you hopefully it'll get me through airport quicker and it'll be one less thing to think about when i land!


Tue, 05/21/2013 - 15:25

hi there,

we usually recommend travellers pick up their visa on arrival, so I'm sure you won't be holding the group up unduly. If you would like to pick it up beforehand we have a Visa Information Sheet to help you. If you would like a copy of this please contact the customer operations team.

many thanks


Mon, 05/27/2013 - 16:23

I always get my Visa in country where possible. Chances are at least 1 other person on your trek will get it in country, so even though you may get through quicker you still have to wait for everyone else

Fri, 06/14/2013 - 11:41

Thanks everyone, decided to get Visa on arrival. Down loaded countries entry Visa and other advice from travellers makes this a cheaper and less intensive option.

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