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ATLAS PANORAMA wine in the evening

Fri, 04/26/2013 - 07:19


my wife and i are considering doing the atlas panorama trip next jan .

i was wondring about what the situaiton is with having a beer or glass of wine

after a days walking is there anything avalibile around where we will be staying  



Sat, 04/27/2013 - 16:01
Admittedly its a good 3 years since I did this trip but from memory, when you’re in the gite in the mountains there is nothing around you. They had a fridge where you could buy soft drinks and a few chocolate bars and snacks but no where to get alcohol. Its a predominantly Muslim country but you could probably find some alcohol in Marrakesh (or the airport duty free) to take with you to the mountains. If you do take it, I would check with your guide before you drink it as they might ask you to drink it in your room, or on the terrace (or they might not have a problem at all) but its best not to run the risk of offending your hosts! Hope this helps :)
Sun, 04/28/2013 - 06:47

hi vicki

yes it does help. thanks a lot for you reply looks like duty free it is then !

cheers neil 


Thu, 04/06/2017 - 11:22

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