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Annapurna departing April 1st

Thu, 03/07/2013 - 14:32

Hi I have just read the "Final Joining Instructions" for the trip and I thought that I would register and say hello to any fellow travellers out there.

First time I have done such a thing and it would be great to hear from you.



Sat, 03/23/2013 - 20:17

Hi Fellow trekker,
My name is Emilie. This is my first time doing this sort of a trip too.
The time is almost upon us and its quite exciting to think about the challenge that is ahead.
You all packed and ready?

Sat, 03/23/2013 - 20:45

Hi Emilie nice to hear from you; have got as far as making a list but packing far from started. Have you got one of those green travel holdals too ?

From what I have read we need wet clothes and light clothes, not sure about how much room there is for all that - are you planning on doing the Everest flight ?


Sat, 03/23/2013 - 22:48

I'm very much looking forward to the Everest flight. I plan on doing as much as I can. Are you planning to do the Everest flight? Yes, I got a green bag too, I think I'm all sorted & ready to do a trial pack but thinking about bag weight allowance, I'm not sure how packing will actually go....but i'm sure it will work out ok. From what I have read, I believe weather is going to be lovely, so light clothes & warm for the evening. Have you had all your injections & got your maleria tablets?


Sat, 03/23/2013 - 23:15

Hi Emilie not sure if you read the bit about the internal flight; think the allowance is only 15 kg so that could be a problem; trial packing sounds like a good plan to me. May ask Exodus if there is an opportunity to get some washing done out there.

Went to South Africa in January so had the jabs then and malerone came through last week so all set on that front I think. I am not the best flyer on the planet but yes determined to do the flight; think we book it when we get there? Rafting should be a laugh and playing with the elephants; determined to do everything too so please feel free to remind me of that if you see me wimping out!

Have just started to wear in a new pair of shoes and hoping to do a couple of walks / runs this week to improve the fitness a bit before our treks - snow permitting!


Sun, 03/24/2013 - 01:34

Yes luckily I have read the 15kg limit...What a pain! I plan to pack with that in mind, so I don't have any worries when it gets to the internal flight. But maybe they might not be as strict as it sounds. I think there will be washing opportunities, if not, I suppose it will be in the bathroom sink. I'm worried a little about charging facilities, I have read that lodges will charge per hour. If so, i hope my camera holds out for as long as possible. I too hope the weather doesn't get too bad & I hope your plan for walks / runs work out ok. I have had my walking boots for years but saying that, you never know. Fingers crossed. I think we can book all the extra excursions on our arrival. I'm looking forward to the tour of the 3 temples around the main town but after the Everest flight of course. With regards to flying, I'm sure you will be fine. I love flying, I find it all quite exciting, as I feel its all part of the experience. But yes I will give you a nudge if I see you whimpering out. I hope we get the opportunity to bath the elephants, I've heard that its an amazing experience! I wonder what other opportunities there will be...
How was South Africa? I have never been but i have heard its definately one for the list.


Sun, 03/24/2013 - 10:02

Good morning Emilie I am currently looking outside and losing the mental battle to get out there and run; have you done much trekking / walking before ? Hadn't realised that about charging but I suppose we can't really argue out there - do you know what travel plugs can be used, is it a normal worldwide adapter? I was thinking of enquiring at the airport although probably a bit pricey there.

From what I can gather you cannot take currency in and out of the country so planning to change up some sterling into rupees at the airport on arrival and will probably pay for flight etc. in dollars.

South Africa was great although two weeks was not enough. Did Kruger, Battlefields and Victoria Falls; most of the group went on to Cape Town and having seen the pics I wish I had too although the thought of vineyards and long coac trips most days had put me off - the elephants were amazing. I have definitely not finished there though and plan to go back on safari and perhaps take in a beach holiday too. Have seen two of the natural wonders of the world now (The Great Barrier Reef a few years ago) and Everest will make it three; I have taken a bit of time out between jobs and need to face reality when I get back me thinks although I may have something lined up for when I return. If not South America is appearing on my agenda together with the Northern Lights!



Sun, 03/24/2013 - 10:35

Morning. Don't give up on a run already. Go! I have done some hiking in the past. Back in 2007, I travelled north America, Which i definately recommend. It was such an amazing trip & I managed to do all the walking in trainers as it was such a hot climate at the time but it was done more for luggage weight. With regards to charging, I searched google; electrical plug socket Nepal. it looks like we can use an old English plug, with 2 or 3 rounded pins. Not sure which adapter it will be on tho, I need to look into that. It's probably best if you enquire at a luggage store & then purchase elsewhere. The prices of adapters are rediculously expensive. I contacted the exodus team and enquired about currency & visas. We can buy both there, on our arrival. Not sure about dollars tho, as will need to pay 2 currency exchange rates. I'm thinking of paying for everything I can in British pounds.

Wow, South Africa sounds amazing! I would like to go there but I have a few things on my list to do first. Northern lights is one of them. I would like to go to iceland this year, as I have heard it is meant to be more spectacular in 2013. I would also love to do a hike across, the Great Wall of china & to raise money for charity. I think it's great to do things if you can for charities, especially the not so common ones. Previously I have done 2 skydives, which I also recommend. Have you done any crazy things for charity or for yourself?

Sun, 03/24/2013 - 11:19

Ok you win I will go for a run in a mo; I hope for your sake that I don't fall over, lol. I have considered the Great Wall too, just haven't seen the right trip yet. I only thought about the Northern Lights having spoken to some people on the last group trip and left it a bit late; November / December is a possibility though as it seems the next good time to go.

Not quite ready for a sky dive although well impressed, beginning to regret already asking you to kick me into being adventurous as you sound quite daring! Not a good flyer and rafting / heights not my forte, I must be mad! I did the Prague marathon a few years back and ran for a Cancer charity in memory of my Dad, very emotional and challenging. Not done walking / trekking before but hopeful that my level of fitness is generally good although I have let it slip a bit recently with the weather and man flu ... if this holiday goes well I may also consider walking in the Grand Canyon at some point.

Think the Visa has to be bought in US dollars on arrival although worth checking, will look into the travel plugs too and let you know what I find out. Right off to find my warm running clothes and get ready to be stared at by dog walkers for being totally mad!


Sun, 03/24/2013 - 12:30

I hope you don't fall over either! I'm sure you will be ok. I agree, November & December seem a good time, although I have heard that its good to go at a time when it's lighter in the evening, as views are better. so maybe more November than December but that depends on available dates. I wouldn't classify myself as daring, just willing to give new things a go. I'm sure you will not be thinking about the heights or rafting aspect, I sure when the time comes you will be fully embraced in the trip. You must be you have done a marathon! That's great tho. I'm not much of a runner, I'm happy with the pace of walking or other exercise at the gym. That's amazing you did it for charity & for your dad, no wonder it was emotional. I would recommend walking the Grand Canyon, I walked a section of it years ago. The best hike would be to go down into the canyon. Unfortunately at the time my body wouldn't allow me to do it, as 2 days earlier, I did a 12.5 hours hike up to the top & back to the bottom of halfdome mountain in Yosemite national park. Also definately a hike I would recommend, although it looks nuts! Lol.
Earlier I emailed exodus about plugs & also how we check in & select seats on the flight. I will let you know what I find out too.

Hope you had a good run & you were not stared at by too many people...unless its snowing where you are! In which case, why did you listen to me?! Lol.


Sun, 03/24/2013 - 14:31

Omg have I underestimated how hard these treks are going to be; thought it was quite relaxed but a little worried now as the ones you have done seem very daunting - at the same time tempting though I must agree! Please re-assure me that we are not going up that rather big mountain, lol.

Ok you were right to tell to me to run as I feel much better now, only managed 35 mins as snowing and cold but no dog walkers and as an added bonus I didn't slip over on the ice onto the seat of my pants, relieved ? lol. Have you done rafting before ?

Please do let me know what you find out, especially the flight / booking seats as I am incredibly naive when it comes to that sort of thing, only found out it was possible when they told me that I hadn't checked in properly when I went to South Africa.



Sun, 03/24/2013 - 15:19

Our trek does say "luxury" & leisurely moderate, so I'm sure we will be ok. I hope we are not going up that big mountain either! Glad to hear you feel better & especially that you did not fall over. Hope no blisters too! Don't forget to pack first aid stuff. Yes, I have done a little rafting before, when I was in America but every river is always different. It was great fun & I'm sure it will be a good laugh too. I will let you know as soon as I hear from them. Some airlines allow you to check in online or check in at the airport using the machines before you check your bags in. I'm hoping for a window seat!! Lol.
Where are you catching your flight from?

Sun, 03/24/2013 - 16:13

The brochure says the rafting isn't too bad, though it implies that it is a little more "challenging" the second day, do you reckon we share a raft with other parties ? I am so glad that you got in touch as you are really engaging my brain on this trip now - is it normal t-shirt and shorts to raft ?

I am flying from Heathrow and changing at Delhi, what about you ? Last time I checked there were only four people booked on this trip, although that may have changed - that said I think the flights were going up due to holidays.

Must confess that I read about Tea Houses out there and that made me look again, though not sure what to expect from the lodges other than Happy Hour at 6 O'clock, lol. Think the rest of the accommodation should be quite good though.

First Aid kit now added to list, normally I have the motto that if I forget anything then it doesn't matter as I can buy it out there - not so sure on this holiday so I think that I will get my list double checked, lol.






Sun, 03/24/2013 - 17:06

From seeing rafting on tv & from experience I'm assuming it will be one raft for our group but I suppose it depends how many there are in our group. The website says the rapids are grade 2, I think thats not too bad. But challenging sounds fun! I would assume its tshirt & shorts or trousers for Rafting, personal preference i think. I'm glad you started the group, our conversation has made it feel like the holiday is really happening & very soon too!! I'm starting to get excited about it now.

I am flying from heathrow with a change at Delhi too, on the group flight. I didn't realise we could check on how many people were on our trip. Where can you check that? From what I understand, the accommodation will be quite nice, including the tents. By the sounds of it, it can't be classified at roughing it. Lol. Happy hour sounds good too. Sounds like you have a good motto, I still worry if I forget something important tho. I have been looking at my packing today. Lots of folding later, I still need to put everything in the bag, so my fingers are still crossed & hoping I'm not over 15kg. Have a double look on the clothing & equipment list that is attached to the itinerary. Obviously you don't need it all but it gives you an idea of possible things you might not have thought about. What time do you think breakfast might be? I'm going to try & start taking my anti-malarials at the same time I would when we are there.


Sun, 03/24/2013 - 17:47

Hello all - or maybe it is just Chris and Emilie! Don't wish to interrupt a good going conversation but just to say that I have joined the gang rather on impulse and at the last minute. After flying down from Newcastle I shall be on the standard Heathrow-Delhi-Katmandu flight.

This is a bit of a trip back in time for me as I did a similar trip (for entirely different reasons) about 40 years ago when Pokhara was a few shacks and little else. i twill be interesting to see how it has changed. I do vividly remember the awesome sight of Annapurna as the clouds lifted: truly the Lakes and the Alps have nothing to compare.

Looking forward to meeting you all - Peter 

Sun, 03/24/2013 - 18:08

Hi Peter nice to hear from you, as you can tell I am a bit of a novice at this but I have also heard how great the surrounding scenery is and have high expectations of this trip. Have you done rafting before - if not i suggest we get tethered to Emilie as she has done it before, lol

I asked Exodus about group numbers when I booked as I wasn't sure about whether I would be the only single traveller, not sure if it's on the website but they seemed happy to discuss. Re breakfast not sure, if SA is anything to go by I would guess it will be early when we are walking / trekking and seeing the sun rise - 6 am at a guess, may wish to check ?

Need to have another read of the travel tips and guide me thinks, please do let me know if you hear back from Exodus re flights, hope it all fits into the case!


Sun, 03/24/2013 - 18:41

Im not sure if both of you being tethered to me will be entirely safe! Lol. Hi Peter, its nice to meet you. Impulse is good! It will be lovely to hear how things have changed since you remember it. The scenery sounds amazing, I have high expectations too.
6am is a good guess, I was thinking 6 or 7am. To be sure, I will ask when I hear back from them abouts flights but I will keep you posted. I hope everything fits into the bag too! My fingers are crossed.


Sun, 03/24/2013 - 19:54

Certainly a shock to the system getting up at that time on holiday, was in bed by 10 most nights in SA as crammed so much in.

Many thanks for your pointers and I am sure other things will crop up as the packing day approaches; I will get on with my travel plug homework tomorrow, lol

Sun, 03/24/2013 - 21:15

From ...

Electricity Voltage

Electricity in Nepal is 230 volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. A voltage converter is needed for a device that does not accept 230 volts at 50 MHz. Sockets in Nepal accept only round three or two pins. So if your electrical device uses flat pins, please bring a universal electric plug adaptor.

What are some basic Nepali customs that I need to know?

  • When visiting a temple, always circumambulate it is a clockwise direction.
  • Take off your shoes before entering a temple or a Nepalese home.
  • Entrance to some temples is forbidden, so look out for such notices.
  • Seek permission to take photographs inside temples or of religious ceremonies.
  • You can accept a handshake offered by either a male or a female but never offer your hand first.
  • Show decency in dress and avoid any show of public affection.


How do I get around in the cities and to other destinations?

There are metered taxis, buses, battery-operated three-wheelers and rickshaws in the cities. Long routes are served by buses. Nepal does not have a railway system connecting cities. The only other travel option is by plane, and Nepal is well connected by air.


hth Peter 

Sun, 03/24/2013 - 21:36

i agree, that does seem really early. im sure we will get used to early mornings & late nights. That and the days excitment will get us up in the mornings. Peter, that's great advise, thank you. You have confirmed what I found on google. Just need to find the correct adapter. Good luck both of you, hope packing goes well. I have weighed what I have packed already & I'm feeling positive so far. Lol.


Sun, 03/24/2013 - 21:38

A natty little URL:

I see the sun gets up at around 5:20, plenty of time for a run before brekkie!


Tue, 03/26/2013 - 15:11

Blimey this time next week we will be there, ish! Not so sure about the run before breakfast, if only I had enough room for my trainers, lol.

Emilie did you hear back from Exodus re the flights; I e-mailed then about accommodation a couple of days ago and have still to hear - not sure if it's just me or whether things are a little slow? Also any ideas re which Terminal?

Had no idea re the handshake business, need to buy that Guide book me thinks - certainly in holiday wind down mode now!



Tue, 03/26/2013 - 19:07

yes im in the same mode now too!

That looks like a really useful weather site, just waiting for more of the week to turn around but otherwise it looks like it will be great weather.  (hopefully I have not spoken too soon). 

Unfortunately, I have not heard back from exodus yet.  I am unsure of which terminal too, I have been searching on heathrow airport website & I am struggling as I do not have a flight number. Maybe you might be able to figure it out.

I believe when greeting someone, you have to wait for a handshake to be offered to you but otherwise, you say namaste with your palms together like your praying.  The lonely planet nepal guide is really good, I will bring it with me for extra reading & the maps look useful.

 I will keep you posted if I hear anything...hopfully soon. 



Tue, 03/26/2013 - 19:21

I got an e-mail today re a slight change to the connecting flight time in Delhi; did you get one too? Had another look and think it's Terminal 4 now having googled Jet Airways / Heathrow.

It it rains now ... lol, hope the packing is proving a success and that you haven't had to fold everything a dozen times - dress rehearsal for me tomorrow. Blimey you guys are putting me to shame, will get researching too - may look up nepalese for "where are the lifejackets" for rafting, lol.

Will give Exodus a nudge and let you know too.




Tue, 03/26/2013 - 19:26

Ok. sorted...

I have just found the flight number, it looks like Terminal 4.

Tue, 03/26/2013 - 19:31

..just seen you beat me to it!  after i posted. lol

I have not received an email yet, hope they have not forgotten me.  Unless we are not on the same flight.  The email booking I have says departing heathrow to dehli at 20:45.

I will look at my emails again, to double check. 


Tue, 03/26/2013 - 19:36

Me too! Not yet heared back from exodus either. I have no idea in the terminal, I would like to find that out too. The only thing I can think of is checking the heathrow website

Tue, 03/26/2013 - 19:46

Outbound flight the same as yours, originally stated that leaving Delhi for Kathmandu at 1250, now 1335 - not much difference really - presume bags are checked all the way through but prob best to check as that could be embarrassing if not.


Tue, 03/26/2013 - 23:19

I still have not received an email... I must have been forgotten about.

Your right, there is not much difference in time but I suppose it gives us more time to wander around.

I think if I have not heard from exodus by tomorrow, I will give them a call. I shall keep you posted.

Speak tomorrow.

Good night. Emilie 

Tue, 03/26/2013 - 23:36

Cool I will chase up too, can let you have a copy of the revised flight e-mail if you would like. Think the person assigned to this hol is Elizabeth Burt if you get stuck when ringing.

Looking at some pics of where we are going earlier, wow!

Good night, compare findings tomorrow.


Wed, 03/27/2013 - 21:48

I emailed exodus again today.  They close at 8pm so will definately call tomorrow.

I have tried again to see if we can check in on the jet airways website, still no luck.  Did you have any luck?


Wed, 03/27/2013 - 22:01

Hey no but someone who I know has flown with them before and says it should be possible online but nothing concrete, is 24 hours before take off about right ? Think calling may be best; don't forget to ask them about flight change assuming still no e-mail from them ? Chris

Wed, 03/27/2013 - 22:28

no, still no email!  nothing in spam either.  I will definately clarify on any changes, thanks for the reminder.

24 hours sounds about right but if you search google, some people have written on trip advisor saying they booked their seat further in advance.  but that was in 2011, so im not sure if it is now 24 hours, which i think is similar to other airlines.

I have sent another email so will see on the response tomorrow, otherwise if it is 24 hours, there should be plenty of time.

Hows the new shoes?  Emilie 

Wed, 03/27/2013 - 22:39

Quite funny really you want a window seat and I don't want to look down, lol - will have a look too and compare notes tomorrow.

Shoes ars still a little too new If honest, working on that over next few days.

Going to see if I can find some dividers for holdall tomorrow if possible as not going to plan.


Wed, 03/27/2013 - 22:45

Just a thought have you got passport photos for your visa ?

Wed, 03/27/2013 - 23:07

Oh, I hope they will be ok on the day. Maybe try wearing really thick socks to make your feet hot, might help them mould a little.  Also you could try playing with them, might soften them up a bit.

Rohan do good dividers.  Little soft shell zip up bags & stuff sacks too.


Wed, 03/27/2013 - 23:14

not got photos yet.  I plan to get them Friday.  I think we need two photos for a visa.  I read in my guide book, we might also (but not 100% certain) if we might need two photos for a pass to go to/ or to go through durbar square.  Prob a good idea to take a few photos with us...maybe



Wed, 03/27/2013 - 23:27

Can you scan your guide book and send it to me, lol - getting one tomorrow and will check out Rohan too. Planning on long walk friday and will have shoes sorted hopefully thanks, memory card for camera and hopefully there as well as poss adapter from Currys.

Am starting to get apprehensive now but will be worth it, only four more sleeps, lol


Thu, 03/28/2013 - 00:20

lol. You can have a read on the trip.  We can share our resources.  Rohan can be a little expensive but any outdoor store will sell what your looking for but Rohan bags are light weight.  Good luck, hope you get all you need.  A long walk sounds like a good plan.  You keeping up the running too?! 

Im getting quite excited, not quite at the counting sleeps stage but I am looking forward to my last day at work tomorrow.  Off to bed now, speak tomorrow. Good night.  Emilie

Thu, 03/28/2013 - 00:37

Have done a couple of runs without falling over too as a bonus; let you know how I get on tomorrow, good night. Chris

Thu, 03/28/2013 - 17:26

Just spoken with exodus, they say that we already have been allocated a seat.

We might be able to ask for a window or aisle seat etc on arrival at check in, so I guess getting there early may help but its not 100%.  They say we need a universal worldwide adapter. To be honest the person I spoke to was not that helpful.

Still not heard anything about a change of flight details, so I called a 2nd time & left a message.

 Any luck from your end?


Thu, 03/28/2013 - 17:34

Hey spoke to Currys today and they said a standard worldwide adapter will do as a 2 pin plug; they tried to flog me another but pretty sure that the one I have will work.

Had a look at the Jet Airways site and tried to check in; wasn't expecting any joy as early and it told me to go away - think we may be able to do it 24 hours before though. If it is the case that I have a window seat you are more than welcome to have it, Do you want me to send you the change of flight info that I received?

Took out a mortgage at Waterstones and bought the Lonely Planet guide to Nepal too; you shamed my ignorance so beware I will be swotting up too, lol. Went to Rohan and got a bag that goes inside the rucksack as you suggested, thank you.


Thu, 03/28/2013 - 18:20

Hi.  I have a european adapter with 2 circular prongs. Will that work?  I did get an email from Elizabeth while i was on the phone with exodus, they mentioned that Nepal use the same plug type as Indian plugs.

Thats sweet of you to offer your window seat, thank you. If you could send me your flight information, that would be great. 

Gosh, I hope it wasnt too big a mortgage! lol. What did you find?  If you are swotting up, I better finish the book by monday.



Thu, 03/28/2013 - 18:40

According to the Curry's guy that should be fine ... no liability accepted, lol

Haven't started yet, tomorrow is swotting up and walking day; no worries re sending the flight info but thinking about it not sure how to e-mail it to you on here? Do you want to let me have your e-mail address so that I can send it to you - may be more secure to send me your e-mail address at: [email protected]

Window seat conditional that you take some pictures of Everest for me if I have my eyes closed, lol 


Thu, 03/28/2013 - 18:51

Emailing now.  I hope your eyes will not be that closed over everest! lol

Fri, 03/29/2013 - 12:20


As you have been to Nepal before, do you have any tips? on money etc


Sat, 03/30/2013 - 07:21

Far too long ago for local tips. Personally I'm just taking sterling and plastic.

Perhaps the most important thing I would say is that, outside of the city, the people are an utter delight. Combined with the incredible scenery, we are going to have a ball!


Sun, 03/31/2013 - 00:53

Ok. Im sure we will help each other figure out currency etc. Are you going on the Everest flight? If so, will you pay for it in sterling or do you think it has to be paid for in dollars? Very much looking forward to meeting everyone now & I'm getting quite excited as the day is almost upon us. I hope you have a safe journey from Newcastle. When is it your flying? Tomorrow or on Monday?

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