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AZR - DISCOVER THE CAPE 4th November 12 - anyone else signed up?

Wed, 09/05/2012 - 10:16

Hi.  I am a single female traveller in my 40s and very excited about this trip!  Would be great to meet up and chat before we leave.  Anyone else going?

Tue, 09/11/2012 - 22:43

Yep me (26) and my sister are going on this :)

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 21:40

Look forward to meeting you

Wed, 10/10/2012 - 10:57

Yes, I booked onto this trip on Monday.  Think there are 7 of us currently so a small, select group!  Not long to go now - guide book bought so getting excited!

See you soon - Kate


Safe travels and see you Sunday.  :-)

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