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Sun, 08/11/2013 - 08:43

Is anyone on this trip departing 5th October?


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Sun, 08/11/2013 - 17:10

Yes, my husband & I are on this trip departing the 5th October. 

Really looking forward to it. We have both travelled quite a bit bit neither of us have been to Vietnam or Cambodia.



Thu, 09/05/2013 - 14:54

Hi Sonja,

Sorry for not responding sooner, I have just recieved our final joining instructions and now getting very excited! Myself and the other half (Peter) have never travelled with exodus or even a group trip before and so a bit nervous! Have you managed to get the Vietnam Visas ok? Have you had any Vaccines/boosters? A strange question for you but what sort of footwear do you think you will wear during the day?



Tue, 09/10/2013 - 15:16

Hi Ella,

I'm also starting to get excited, although there seems to be lots to sort out before we go. We have also never travelled with Exodus or done a tour before but a friend at work receommended then and alleviated my concerns of giant sized groups following a leader with a flag raised above their head :-)

We use a visa agent with work so I have applied for our visas through them. For only a small charge you send them all the paperwork, they check it and then deal with the embassy to get the visa. I've not used them personally before but those that travel at work highly recoemmend them and it saves a couple of trips to the embassy. If you haven't got your sorted out yet the agents web address is

It says on the trip notes that we don't need a visa for Cambodia and I have read mixed information, some say you do and others say you can get a visa on arrival. On Ross Consular's websirte it says you do but that you can apply for an e-visa, whcih I did last night. It seems to cost more (£47 each) than the visa on arrival cost on the trip notes but I decided to take the safe option. And we definately don't need one for Bangkok.

I am waiting for our GP to advise on vaccines but I already have most of what's recommended so I think it will likely just be a course of anti-malaria tablets I need. I have had these before and Malerone has always worked well for me.

As for shoes, now that it always a dilemma. I am taking a pair of sandals, flip flops and some pumps/trainers, then I think all bases are covered. I have also ordered some deet 55 insect repellant as this was recommended somewhere I read, and a very light waterproof jacket. Other than that I hope to travel light, but given my past travelling experiences that always seems to be somewhat challenging - something a man always fails to understand. 



Sat, 09/21/2013 - 20:54

Hi Sonja,

 You are so right!-Peter can never believe how much I pack but then will ask me where his so & so is ha ha! But joking apart I am the same as you on footwear - just in case all bases are covered!

Thank you for the info on Cambodian visa - I think I am too late now as I am away with work but we've managed to get our Vietnamese visa and spare (very unflattering) photos. We have the same deet and have got a thing to plug in over night - probably doesn't work but that's when we seem to get bitten!

Are you taking a normal suitcase? Are you flying from Heathrow?

Hopefully not to much more to get - just need to decide what to bring!

ella x


Sun, 09/22/2013 - 12:02

Hi Ella,

Don't bother with the Cambodian e-visa. I have got these then found out I can't use them at the land crossing we are making from Vietnam into Cambodia. Though we now have our Vietname visas and passports back ready & waiting. I think the photo booths are designed to make the photos look dreadful, a bit like the mirrors in shop changing rooms!

We've got those big bags on wheels so will be taking those and yes we're flying from Heathrow. I contacted Exodus and they have arranged exit seats for us with extra legroom, so I'm very happy!

They only cost £35 each, each way, which I thought a bargain for that length of flight, & will hopefully make me less grumpy on the journey :-)

I've managed to get a bit of detail on a couple of the hotels and was pleasantly surprised at the quality so all I have to do now is pack & get a few last minute bits.

I may just look into one of those plug in mossie things, anything to help not getting bitten!

Sonja x 



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