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Who's doing Victoria Falls to Cape Town?

Wed, 01/25/2012 - 18:07


Just  wondering who else has booked on this trip leaving London on 8th Septmeber...? I'm a solo traveller so be good to "meet" some of my fellow travellers before this trip :-)


Thu, 02/09/2012 - 23:08

hi, i am just signed up for this trip in september.  seems like a long time from now but probably not....sarah

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 21:50


We are considering  taking this trip next year.

Can anyone undertaking the trip this year please let me know what they think of it.

Highlights. Shortcomings. Etc.

If you do not mind, please e-mail me on when you return.

Many thanks

Garry Smith

Mon, 08/20/2012 - 00:36

 have tried your e-mail address but somehow it keeps bouncing back     would definitely fill you in on the trip....have you been to africa or with exodus before?   s

Sat, 08/25/2012 - 21:09

Hi there.

Sorry you are having problems with my e-mail address. Is definitely Just noticed that there is one too many t's in the first e-mail address posted on 30th July. Sorry

I visited Tanzania with Exodus in February 2011, for the Mt Kilimanjaro trek. Had a briiliant time. If my correct e-mail address does not work, perhaps you could post your comments on here.

Many thanks



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