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Fitness Level to Walk the Great Wall

Wed, 07/20/2011 - 21:56

I'm really interested in this trip, but am concerned about how fit I would need to be to enjoy it. I can see that there is a lot of walking every day, and I'm not someone who walks on a regular basis, or who has completed a walking tour before. I do go to the gym 2-3 times a week however, and consider myself to be of reasonable fitness for someone of my age (late 40s). Any guidance from those who have completed this trip please?


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Sun, 07/24/2011 - 09:04

Hi Louise,

 My wife and I are looking to do this walk next year (new brouchure is out in a month) in September / October time. I called Exodus and spoke to Diane and asked her about the fitness level.

She said that her colleague called Thai (or Kai) did it recently and he doesnt do any exercise and he said it wasnt bad. Bit of strain on the knees from the steps, but that was all.

If you want more info, call them and ask for him.


Sun, 07/24/2011 - 11:03

That's very helpul (and encouraging!)


Sun, 07/24/2011 - 11:23

I was worried too - on a fitness kick - lost 3 stone since April 1st 2011 from walking every day and eating healthier. Now 19st 12lbs - aim to be about 15st in the next year and my endurance will be better - so this trip is kinda the reward for that :)

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