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Your Word - We tell it like it is! Holiday Reviews by previous Exodus travellers  

Here at Exodus we thrive on feedback from our customers. It's the only way we can ensure our trips continue to be the best they can be. So, for the real tales, twists and turns of the trip you're interested in, look no further than the reviews from our previous travellers.

Simply click here to search our trip reviews and start reading real feedback from real Exodus travellers who have ‘been there and done that’! Lots of our clients also like to post handy tips and advice about their travels. It’s great to know what to expect on an Exodus adventure before you go, so make the most of their experience and you’ll make the most of yours!

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Number of Reviews: 9892 Overall score: *****
Humpback Whale tale fluke, South Africa
Review posted by Robert Simpson
***** Written

Cycling the Vineyards and Wineries

No matter how much reading you do, you can never be totally prepared for any cycle tour. There are always surprises in store and of course the people you meet, the guides and fellow cyclists are a key factor in the ultimate overall experience. The scenery on this tour was dramatic and at times abs...
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View across Toubkal N.P, Morocco
Review posted by Ann Board
***** Written

A wonderful experience

We were a group of 3 married couples of 50 + years. Our guide was called Hassan , he very quickly discovered the capabilities of us ladies in our group and always made sure we were challenged but still capable of enjoying ourselves. I personally chose not to make the ascent from base camp but the...
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Spectacular day at Machu Picchu, Peru
Review posted by Katrina Hawkins
***** Written

Inca Trail

I booked on this with a coupl eof friends to celebrate my 50th birthday. It really was a trip of a lifetime and exceeded all my expectations. The Group leader was so knowledgable and funny and his side kick entertained us with his singing in the morning. we had a really friendly lovely group of pe...
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Tiger crossing the path, India
Review posted by Jane Raven
***** Written

Land of the Tiger

We loved the entire trip. It took us to three very different National Parks, all of which were fascinating and the scenery was surprisingly different. India is so full of colour and noise that even the long drives between parks were interesting, allowing us a glimpse of rural life in India. The hote...
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The Treasury, Jordan
Review posted by Ian Young
***** Written

Fabulous country

Jordan has a lot to offer - great scenery, friendly people and history dating back to Biblical times. This holiday provides an opportunity to experience all of these in comfort on a well organised comfortable tour.
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Trekking in Parc National d'Andringitra, Madagascar
Review posted by Alison Church
***** Written

Trekking in Madagascar

A breathtaking trip, with the perfect balance of stunning scenery, fascinating wildlife, cultural experiences and wonderful people! Madagascar is a truly unique country with incredibly warm and welcoming people; this two-week itinerary gave a really good glimpse into what makes it so special. I lite...
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Chullpa burial tower, Sillustani, Lake Titicaca, Peru
Review posted by Phyllis Ryan
***** Written

Inca trail Titicaca and Nazca

Although I found the trail tough, I thoroughly enjoyed my trip. Lake Titicaca and the Reed Islands are so interesting, and different, and the people are lovely. We saw many Inca ruins on the trail and in the Sacred Valley, and they were amazing! The cherry on top though was Machu Pichu itself. It ...
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Walking on Etna, Italy
Review posted by Mark Green
***** Written

Sicily , the Aeolian Islands and Volcanos

An absolutely beautiful and rewarding trip around the Aeolian Islands in the company of some fun people. The week was very well organised by Exodus with a good balance of walking, cultural activities, eating, drinking delicious and great value local wine and then sleeping off the day's efforts in p...
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Chullpa burial tower, Sillustani, Lake Titicaca, Peru
Review posted by Julie Beauley
***** Written

Inca Trail Titicaca and Nazca

This was an abosolutely amazing trip. The guide couldn't have been more attentive or knowledgeable in any way, he was fantastic. From the time we got to the airport in Lima to the time we got back there at the end of 2 weeks, we did not have a dull moment. All the hotels were really good and very...
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Group shot in Castrillo de los Polvazares, Spain
Review posted by Adrian Alexander
***** Written

Camino de Santiagp

I didn't know whether to go on this trip selfguided or guided and I'm glad I chose the guided option because I would have missed so much by myself. The two guides were a fantasic team and took us to the best restaurants , on the best routes and to the best places. The best holiday I've ever had. P...
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