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Your Word - We tell it like it is! Holiday Reviews by previous Exodus travellers  

Here at Exodus we thrive on feedback from our customers. It's the only way we can ensure our trips continue to be the best they can be. So, for the real tales, twists and turns of the trip you're interested in, look no further than the reviews from our previous travellers.

Simply click here to search our trip reviews and start reading real feedback from real Exodus travellers who have ‘been there and done that’! Lots of our clients also like to post handy tips and advice about their travels. It’s great to know what to expect on an Exodus adventure before you go, so make the most of their experience and you’ll make the most of yours!

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We receive huge volumes of positive feedback from clients praising their tour leader, and we wanted to give our leaders the credit they deserve. When you return from your Exodus holiday(s) during 2014 we'd like you to ponder for a minute about whether your tour leader was the 'Best of the Best'? If your leader made your trip special and managed to send you home with a huge mental grin and a newly found enthusiasm for the country or area you visited, then we would like to hear about it!

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Number of Reviews: 7862 Overall score: *****
Children and monumental gateway, India
Review posted by Terry Noctor
***** Written

Incredible India!

One of the best holidays we have had! It's a full on experience-packed adventure from start to finish.
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Lac Blanc, France
Review posted by Joan Ciastkowski
***** Written

Mont Blanc Highlights

This was my first trip with Exodus. They were well organised, helpful and friendly all the way along preparation. The chalet where we stayed was very cosy and run by an exceptionally helpful couple. The food was wonderful and the setting magic at the foot of Mt Blanc and her neighbouring mountains. The local village of Chaminoix was delightful with many restaurants. Shops were overly expensive. Daily walks were quite tough even for me an experienced trekker.... but each day was different with superb scenery.
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Exodus Response

We are delighted that Joan really enjoyed her first Exodus trip and to see the range of positive comments. We were of course concerned to read Joan’s account of the way in which the accident was handled. All tour leaders who lead this trip have an International Mountain Leader qualification and first aid training, so we are confident they have the skills to cope with accidents and emergencies. On this trip a client injured their ankle, but it was not clear to either the leader or the injured person if the ankle was sprained, twisted or fractured. In hindsight, we agree that Peter should have discussed the option of calling a helicopter and that he should have had a bandage or splint as part of his first aid kit. We have addressed both matters for the future. The hospital in Chamonix has recently been closed although the A&E department has remained open, however Peter chose to check this with his manager before taking the client there for treatment. We of course always regret any accidents on our trips and we have been in touch with the injured person. Chloe Knott - Walking & Trekking Programme Manager
Views on the Mont Blanc Circuit, France
Review posted by (Belinda) Bridget Jacques
***** Written

Challenging but rewarding

This was only our second walking holiday after doing the Inca trail the year before so we are fsirly new to walking holidays. Found the first day fairly difficult but soon got into the swing of it and loved it!! The hardest part was walking with the pack on your back so pack light! However, being able to do the circuit point to point, experiencing a range of accommodation with such stunning views made this so worth while.
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Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
***** Written

Woo hoo I did it and loved every minute

Mind blowing, tough but achievable, great sense of achievement, guides and crew were all fantastic and thankfully the trek was not as busy as I expected. Would do it again and again
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Cycling group on the beach, Sri Lanka
Review posted by Carla Babichuk
***** Written

A Must Do Trip

For the whole 650 km, I felt sorry for visitors in Sri Lanka stuck on tour busses. Yes, there were some challenging and tough days due to certain road conditions, weather, climbs, and distances but the beautiful people and the magnificent scenery made it easy to forget any discomfort.
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The Walk of the Gods, Italy
Review posted by Stephen Park
***** Written

Amalfi Family Adventure

An excellent trip that was very well organised and gave us opportunity to experience many of the key places of interest in the region.
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Trekking, Turkey
Review posted by Anna Goode
***** Written

The Turquoise Coast

What a fantastic trip! It was my first experience of Exodus and I would definitely use the company again. The days' activities were always well organised, enjoyable and interesting.
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Limestone rock formation know as Azure Window, Gozo, Malta
Review posted by Tricia Simon
***** Written

luxury hotel to return to after lovely island walks

a week of luxury and lovely walks on this quiet and relaxed island
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Makoros on the Okavango Delta, Botswana
Review posted by George Cichocki
***** Written

Wildlife and wilderness in botswana

We recently went on the above trip and had a fantastic anD interesting trip, which exceeded our expectations. The holiday was well-structured, with a two day break in Victoria falls right in the middle of the two weeks. Bear in mind, though, that you are visiting a country the size of France and doing a considerable amount of traveling, staying in six different locations, to appreciate the diversity of the landscape and the animal,plant and bird life.Wynand, our South African guide, had a staggering amount of knowledge and enthusiasm and added greatly to the holiday. We would nominate him as the best tour guide we have had on these type of holidays and whatever you are paying him, it is not enough ! all the staff were excellent and developed a rapport with the guests. we had twelve in our group, with a varied age mix, which worked very well and it did not feel like a coach tour. we had a strong tip to try the 16 day Costa Rica trip, so are looking at that at present.
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Majestic vista of the Grand Canyon at dusk, USA
Review posted by David Richmond
***** Written

Grand Canyon Rafting

A trip with a difference, and I have been on many. There is the adrenaline rush of shooting the rapids. Awesome. There is the majestic peace and tranquility of coasting down a magnificent river between the rapids and then there are the walks up the side canyons to take a shower in absolutely spell binding waterfalls. You would normally only have one or possibly two of these experiences on a trip.
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