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Your Word - We tell it like it is! Holiday Reviews by previous Exodus travellers  

Here at Exodus we thrive on feedback from our customers. It's the only way we can ensure our trips continue to be the best they can be. So, for the real tales, twists and turns of the trip you're interested in, look no further than the reviews from our previous travellers.

Simply click here to search our trip reviews and start reading real feedback from real Exodus travellers who have ‘been there and done that’! Lots of our clients also like to post handy tips and advice about their travels. It’s great to know what to expect on an Exodus adventure before you go, so make the most of their experience and you’ll make the most of yours!

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Number of Reviews: 8794 Overall score: *****
Making local friends, Trinidad, Cuba
Review posted by Michael Hortin
***** Written

A journey seared forever in my memory

You want to see the real Cuba before things change? Well this trip is for you. For the memories it has burned into my memory it is worth every single one of the five stars, I have given it. That is though not to say there are not challenges, but memories far outweigh them. Challenges * As the guide says there is a lot of travel. It didn't bother me, but if you don't like travel it might bother you. * Hotel standards were average at best to western standards, but this is Cuba. * Hotel food was poor. So head out to the private restaurants that are cropping up everywhere. The seafood can be great at times. * Wifi availability was better than expected, but I was still without for a week. But when I had it, it was rapid. Brilliant moments * Beautiful Baracoa, worth every mile of the journey. * Visiting a desert island off Trinidad, and just floating in the sea. * Music, music everywhere. * Walking the Sierra Maestra mountains. * Rickahaw in Camaguey. Last but not least the people. The Cubans were brilliant, you can't help but finish the trip wishing the future is kind to them and helps them prosper. So to conclude yes there will be challenges, but that is part of the fun just go you will have a brilliant time.
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Squirrel Monkey, Costa Rica
Review posted by Tracey Patterson
***** Written

Costa Rica - Pura Vida!

Our first trip with Exodus was a wonderful experience. The diversity of flora and fauna was amazing.
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Tiger crossing the path, India
Review posted by David Woodhams
***** Written

Land of the Tiger

A well structured holiday that delivered all that we had expected and more. Seeing some of rural India together with the 3 different game parks was spectacular with some rare sightings of some of India's threatened species.
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Aerial view of the Citadelle Laferrière, Haiti
Review posted by Emma Timms
***** Written

Haiti revealed

Haiti is a fantastic country and it is a great time to visit. There is a wealth of things to see and experience. The people are warm and friendly, the food is good. It's a photographers paradise, the culture is interesting, the sites are fantastic.
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Leopard, Sri Lanka
Review posted by Karen White
***** Written

Whales & Leopards of Sri Lanka

An excellent trip from start to finish. Wasn't anything I didn't enjoy. Spent it with a great group of fellow travellers and our Tour Leader and Guides were excellent.
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Cycling group on the beach, Sri Lanka
Review posted by Ian Richards
***** Written

Cycle the Backroads of Sri Lanka - Trip code MIR 150308

The cycling in the first two thirds of this trip was fairly challenging, at least I found it so. Whether it was fear of unseen wild elephants or just a keen, fit group, I don't know but the pace was brisk and the effort needed to rejoin the peleton discouraged me from taking as many photos as I would have liked. On many days there were supplementary activities which provided plenty of photo opportunities, however. The food and accommodation was generally excellent. The sophistication of the hotels and lodges was variable but everywhere was welcoming and clean. Towards the end of the trip, there was no longer any pressure to reach destinations and the cycling became much more relaxed, giving a chance to chat and take photos. The roads were quieter too, with one morning in a bird sanctuary. Galle fort was very picturesque but full of a different sort of tourist to ourselves! Colombo was a mixture of elegant colonial buildings in the centre, now restored to create elegant shopping malls, and many miles of poor, rather depressing, 'suburbs'. Strange, to my eyes at least, that the extra income in the city seems to bring about a reduction in the quality of life compared with the country.
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Northern Lights explosion, Iceland
Review posted by Janet Clark
***** Written

Iceland experience

This was an awe inspiring trip with excellent company and a splendid guide. Personally, I achieved 2 firsts: glacier walk and lava tube caves.
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Walking in North Cyprus, North Cyprus
Review posted by Gary Harrison
***** Written

Almalfi Coast

An excellent trip. Varied itinery with walks along beautiful coastline and trips to interesting historical sites. Trip leader was very knowledgable and the guides in Pompei, Herculaneum and Vesuvius were also excellant. Great food in the hotel and enjoyed the cookery demonstrations!
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