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Your Word - We tell it like it is! Holiday Reviews by previous Exodus travellers  

Here at Exodus we thrive on feedback from our customers. It's the only way we can ensure our trips continue to be the best they can be. So, for the real tales, twists and turns of the trip you're interested in, look no further than the reviews from our previous travellers.

Simply click here to search our trip reviews and start reading real feedback from real Exodus travellers who have ‘been there and done that’! Lots of our clients also like to post handy tips and advice about their travels. It’s great to know what to expect on an Exodus adventure before you go, so make the most of their experience and you’ll make the most of yours!

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We receive huge volumes of positive feedback from clients praising their tour leader, and we wanted to give our leaders the credit they deserve. When you return from your Exodus holiday(s) during 2014 we'd like you to ponder for a minute about whether your tour leader was the 'Best of the Best'? If your leader made your trip special and managed to send you home with a huge mental grin and a newly found enthusiasm for the country or area you visited, then we would like to hear about it!

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Number of Reviews: 8044 Overall score: *****
Pagodas, Bagan, Burma
Review posted by Susan Moore
***** Written

Discover Burma

We had a truly wonderful holiday. Myanmar was a fascinating and welcoming country, the people were friendly and so helpful. I would wholeheartedly recommend this holiday to others.
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Cappadocia rock formations, Turkey
Review posted by Helene Jessep
***** Written

Highlights of Turkey

Absolutely the worst tour I have experienced in many years of travel. But the major bone of contention lies squarely on the unprofessionalism exhibited by our tour director, Zafer. Destinations were interesting as Turkey is a fascinating country with ancient sites I consider as jewels. Overall, too many hours were spent on the bus as distances between highlights are vast. However little foresight by the tour guide exacerbated the situation. Toilet stops were infrequent; too long spend in food service centres; most days were conducted in a helter-skelter atmosphere causing some major highlights to be rushed or missed entirely. Hotels mostly were below standard/basic; some should be condemned.
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Toubkal Summit, Morocco
Review posted by David Yeates
***** Written

Toubkal Winter - Long Weekend

Overall the trip was good, the experience in Marrakech was great, the food was excellent as well as plentiful. However we didn't make it to the summit of Toubkal or even the Base Camp due to continuous bad weather, rain, snow and high winds. Please be aware that if you book on the long weekend winter trip there is no room in the schedule in the event of bad weather, as any delay in the walk to base camp will put the summit attempt at risk.
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Fatehpur Sikri, India
Review posted by David Monahan
***** Written

India Grand Tour Oct 2014

Outstanding trip in every respect, made especially memorable by the quality of our tour leader Chetan Shanker. Given the modest price of this long trip, the quality of the hotels (with only one exception) exceeded our expectations. What a way to see and learn about a most interesting country.
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Brown bear cub
Review posted by Peter Sampson
***** Written

Carpathians Walking & Bears holiday

All excellent: accommodation, food, hosts, itinerary and weather.
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Nepali cycling guides, Nepal
Review posted by Andrew Deaner
***** Written


This was the most interesting cycling trip we have ever done. An absolutely wonderful experience.
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Coatimundi crossing a jungle road with cyclist, Costa Rica
Review posted by Anne-Marie Goodwill
***** Written

Cycle Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Panama

The guides are fantastic, the wildlife too, It’s like riding along in a giant zoo, You see toucans and sloths from your perch in the saddle Iguanas and crocs when you go for a paddle Some days you’ll be filthy and covered in sweat Sat on a bus next to folks you just met But you’ll still have a ball every day of this ride These beautiful lands make you smile inside. Ok, sorry about the atrocious poetry, I blame it on too much sunshine and's a brilliant trip and we've written a few tips to help you enjoy it as much as we did….
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Beautiful Cala Deia, Mallorca, Spain
Review posted by Paula Hanigan
***** Written

Walking in Mallorca

I thoroughly enjoyed this tour. I had only chosen it as the dates fitted in with subsequent travel in Spain and Morocco. I knew little about Mallorca apart from the trip notes but was keen to do some hiking. We had a really cohesive group which definitely helped with enjoyment each day. Although I had 3 weeks of further travel after this hike, I could have easily returned to Australia after the 8 days totally satisfied. I would highly recommend this trip!
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Fisherman on the banks of the Ganges River at sunset, Varanasi, India
Review posted by William Rich
***** Written

Knackering but enjoyable

Everything ran like clockwork and our guide Vivek was very efficient.
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Cholula Pyramid in Mexico
Review posted by Phillip Farrell
***** Written

Rewarding, but tiring

Sites visited were interesting, but lots of early starts and long journeys made the trip quite tiring. Did not get to see enough of the local life.
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