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Our Customer Operations Team

So you’ve paid your deposit! What happens next?

In Focus logoYou’ve done it. Bitten the bullet and finally booked on that trip of a lifetime you’ve been promising yourself for years. Feels good, doesn’t it? Now you can put your feet up and spend the next few months dreaming of those two weeks away, with nothing to do except make your friends jealous down the pub.

Here at Exodus it’s a different story. Getting someone booked on one of our trips is always exciting, but it’s only the first step in a chain of events between now and you landing on foreign soil.

As soon as you hang up the phone or click to confirm your booking online, the Exodus machinery kicks into gear, emails start flying out the door and plans start being laid to ensure that your adventure happens exactly as you always dreamed.

Customer OperationsThe team responsible for this is our Customer Operations Department. They are the crucial link between you and our local operators, and are there to make sure those plans you’ve been hatching for so long become a reality.

From the nuts and bolts of booking your hotel room overlooking the Amalfi coast and arranging that transfer to pick you up from Delhi airport at 2am, to making sure the camp cook on the Inca Trail knows you don’t like onions or arranging that surprise birthday cake in the Namibian desert, these are the guys that make it all happen behind the scenes.

The strong relationship we have with our 130+ local operators worldwide is key to ensuring your trip exceeds all expectations, and the CO team is certainly equipped to deal with any international issues - with 8 nationalities, 15 languages and almost 80 countries travelled between them, there’s not many corners of the globe they haven’t experienced first hand.

As well as getting you booked in for your trip, the team are there to get your paperwork in order, sort out any extras you think of later and answer any post–sales questions.

So if you’ve made your booking and suddenly wonder if they have towels at the hosteria in Patagonia, want to add an extra hotel night in Istanbul or can’t find out what plugs they use in Tibet, give us a call and let we’ll find out for you!

You can contact the Customer Operations team on 0208 772 3747 or by email at [email protected]

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