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Morocco Holidays

Morocco Tours

From souks to summits, revel in the beauty of Morocco

Activities in Morocco

Our Top Destinations in Morocco

Our Best Trips to Morocco

Highlights of Morocco

15 Days from USD 1,567
USD 1,495

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Imperial cities, Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert and the Atlantic coast


Cycle Morocco's Great South

9 Days from USD 2,173
USD 1,950

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Pedal through Morocco from the Atlas Mountains to the coast 

On Offer

Mt Toubkal Climb

8 Days from USD 892
USD 850

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Exhilarating trek to the summit of the highest mountain in North Africa

Walking & Trekking

Atlas Panorama

Tijhza Village
8 Days from USD 1,125

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Morocco's colourful Marrakech and peaceful mountain walks

Walking & Trekking

Undiscovered Atlas

Atlas Mountains, Morocco
8 Days from USD 1,200

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Trek the valleys and oases of Morocco's remote southwest

Walking & Trekking

Marrakech & the Sahara

Morocco Camels
8 Days from USD 1,125

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Exciting adventure in the Sahara Desert and High Atlas Mountains


Mt Toubkal Long Weekend

walking in Morocco
5 Days from USD 975

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Conquer Mt Toubkal in a long weekend walking adventure

Walking & Trekking

Marrakech, Camels & the Sahara – Family Adventure

8 Days from USD 1,500

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Exciting family adventure in Marrakech, the High Atlas Mountains and the Sahara.


Highlights of Morocco – In Comfort

Morocco dishes
15 Days from USD 2,400

Guided Group (Incl. Taxes)

Imperial cities, Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert and Atlantic coast


Can I tour Morocco on my own?

Visiting Morocco without the benefit of an experienced tour guide would mean missing out on a lot that this incredible country has to offer. From taking care of all of the logistics to navigating language barriers, our small group tours of Morocco ensure a smooth and worry-free trip. Our local experts have deep connections to the communities, ensuring that you get authentic experiences beyond the tourist track. From authentic Bedouin camps to cooking with local families, our Morocco guided tours provide an experience beyond what you could have as a typical first-time visitor.

Is Morocco a good family holiday destination?

Morocco is a great destination for families traveling with children. As a friendly culture with a strong emphasis on family, children are welcomed by locals, and our guides have plenty of experience leading groups with children. Kids will enjoy the vibrant souks, camel rides in the Sahara, desert camping, and scenic hikes. Whatever your itinerary, our best Morocco tours offer unforgettable experiences for families.

FAQs on Morocco Tours

When is the best time to visit Morocco?

The best season to visit Morocco mainly depends on the temperature that you prefer and the activity you are planning. Typically, the most temperate times to visit Morocco are in the early spring between March and May, and the fall in September and October. November to February can be chilly, but it is also a wonderful time of the year to experience a quieter, more everyday Morocco, free from crowds.

Summer can be hot, but coastal areas like Tangier and Essaouira, along with the Atlas Mountains, offer more bearable temperatures. If you’re joining one of our Morocco cycling tours, the cooler spring and fall months will offer more comfortable rides. Avoiding desert regions during summer is advisable due to extreme daytime heat and chilly nights. October brings the date season, enhancing the countryside’s lushness and sweet aromas, while Ramadan, usually in April or May, offers a unique cultural experience.

Where is Morocco?

Morocco is located in North Africa. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea to the west and north, respectively. Morocco shares land borders with Algeria to the east and the Western Sahara to the south. The Strait of Gibraltar separates Morocco from Spain to the north. The capital city of Morocco is Rabat, and other major cities include Casablanca, Marrakech, Fez, and Tangier.

What is Morocco like for visitors?

Morocco caters to every traveler’s taste. Thrill enthusiasts can conquer the High, Middle, and Anti-Atlas Mountains, explore Saharan sandbanks, or marvel at the Rif Mountains on our hiking tours in Morocco. Cities like Fez and Marrakech showcase rich culture, ancient souks, and stunning architecture, engaging every sense.

Coastal gems like Essaouira, Tangier, and Casablanca provide a cooler, beach-oriented escape with water sports aplenty. The unique blend of Arab, Amazigh, and colonial influences, coupled with a culinary culture like no other, ensures a one-of-a-kind experience on our Morocco tours.

How safe is Morocco?

Morocco is a peaceful and relatively safe place to visit. Locals are hospitable and friendly, and communicating in Arabic, French or English is common, making communication rarely an issue. The country can be quite conservative, so it is advisable to dress modestly and avoid public displays of affection, particularly if you identify as LGBTQIA+ or a woman.

Petty crimes such as pickpocketing and scamming have been known to happen, so always be vigilant, don’t carry too much cash, use a money belt, and keep valuables out of sight. If locals approach you offering tours, access to shops with better prices, and other unsolicited services, it’s best to politely decline.

Our guides will be with you every step of the way, offering advice and ensuring a safe journey.

What is the best city to visit in Morocco?

There’s no ‘best city’ to visit during your vacation to Morocco, as each offers different experiences suiting different travelers. Some of our favorite cities include:

  • Marrakech: A bustling city with vibrant souks, historic sites, and excellent street food.
  • Fez: Rich in history and architecture, a dream destination for those fascinated by ancient buildings.
  • Chefchaouen: The blue-painted city in the Rif Mountains, an arts and crafts hub.
  • Tangier: An artistic coastal city with an international, relaxed flavor.
  • Casablanca: A contemporary economic hub with modern amenities, vibrant nightlife, and a large Medina.

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